A Colossal Release of Albert Glasser!

Dragon’s Digital Domain Records have unleashed another CD of the work of composter Albert Glasser, another entry of the work he did with director Bert I. Gordon. This time out, we get both scores for The Amazing Colossal Man (1957) and its sequel War of the Colossal Beast (1958)! The release has 23 tracks with a total running time of 67 minutes! The release was mastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland, and also contains lineal notes from film music journalist Randall D. Larson.

Glasser worked on a lot of films, starting out by doing a lot of westerns. But once he got to the ’50s, he composed the scores for a lot of sci-fi/horror films. Thanks to the folks at Dragon’s Digital Domain Records, we’re able to enjoy Glasser’s music on their own. Composers have a lot to do on how the film plays for the audiences, and Glasser’s work is a good example of that.

Priced at only $17.95, you can order your copy from Screen Archives Entertainment by clicking HERE.

The Albert Glasser Collection Vol. 4

For those who might now know the name Albert Glasser, he was a composter that mainly worked on B-movie titles, especially with director Bert I. Gordon. But it wasn’t just those films, but also worked in just about every other genre out there, composing scores for 135 films (some that he never even received credit for), from westerns to juvenile delinquent titles, as well as 300 television shows and 450 radio programs. So yeah, he was busy.

But thanks to the fine folks at Dragon’s Domain Records, Volume 4 of their series is all about Science Fiction Atomic Mutations! This release has the scores for Bert I. Gordon’s The Cyclops and The Beginning of the End, both released in 1957. The total running time for the CD is just under 80 minutes, so priced at $17.95 is a great deal. You can order your copy at Screen Archives Entertainment, by clicking HERE.

Soundtrack from Green Hell!


Being a movie fan today is just awesome. From the countless cult titles that keep getting released, to more reference books coming out that I can barely keep up, to even soundtracks from pretty obscure films getting released! To prove this statement, you will now be able to enjoy the musical score for the 1957 film Monster from Green Hell, thanks to the fine folks at Kritzerland!

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