New Short Film from Adam Ciolfi

Back in January of last year, I became aware of stop-animation filmmaker Adam Ciolfi. I’ve always been impressed with anybody who is crazy enough to work in this field, but one of the things that has impressed me with Ciolfi’s work beyond the stop-animation, is that he designs and creates all of his own sets, which is just freaking amazing.

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Stop-Animated Filth!

FILTH - Promo 4

I’ve always been a sucker for stop-motion clay animation, or claymation, or just the stop-motion process every since the first time I saw Rankin and Bass’ Mad Monster Party? (1967). While all kids grew up watching and enjoy cartoons, myself included, there just seemed to be something special about claymation. Even in the early 90s, there was Will Vinton’s Claymation Comedy of Horrors, with Wilshire Pig and his friends meeting up with a variety of different monsters and creatures. Even the later day Wallace and Gromit shorts and movies, I’ve always loved them. When I realized just went into creating these, I knew it was done by a bunch of mad bastards because I simply couldn’t relate to how much time and patience it took to create them! Continue reading