Horror Hunters Are Coming!

Horror Hunters Banner.jpg

While I tend to hate reality shows, as well as never being too good at self-promotion, I do want to point this little adventure I was involved in that was a lot of fun. Horror Hunters is a pilot show where to horror fiends go to visit different like-minded fans to see their collections, and maybe do a trade with them. It debuts this Wednesday on Shout Factory TV at 9pm ET/6pm PT, with an encore screening at 12am ET/9pm PT. See below for the press release from Shout Factory.

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Turkey Day in May 2016

Not sure what happend to make me get this report posted, but here it is, better late than never. In was in May of last year when we started to have our 2nd Turkey Day event, appropriately called Turkey Day in May. Basically we realized that there was just too much turkey for a single event. So Turkey Day in May began. And this last May, we continue that tradition, with a fine gathering of like-minded (sometimes called crazy) film enthusiasts to test our will and spirits against some of cinemas lesser quality films. But, while some of these films might not rate high on anybody’s grading system, we were all entertained by these titles. So while some of these might not be too high on anyone’s grading scale, we had a lot of fun with it.

TDiM2016 Group.jpg

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Those Who Inspire Us….

AC&meOn this date ten years ago, I was set up at the Flashback Weekend show, selling my usually wares of horror reference books. Some things just don’t change, you know? Well, on this fateful day, a guy stopped by the table and was looking through the books I had on display. I noticed this bad-ass Godzilla shirt that he was wearing that I knew my son would get a kick out of, since he was really getting into the Kai-ju films around then. So I mentioned this to him and asked him where he got the shirt. That led us to talking about Godzilla films and eventually horror reference books. It seems that this gentleman was in the beginning process of starting to write his own film guide book. Of course, I offered my services to him, that I might be able to help him out finding some titles that he hadn’t been able to find. We had a nice conversation, exchanged info, and he walked away. Little did I realize how much this man was going to change my life. In the ten years since that fateful weekend, he has not only become my editor, my soundboard, my Turkey Day co-pilot, a life coach, but also has taught me in more ways in not only appreciating the horror genre, but other fans as well. He has also become one of my best friends. This guy’s name is Aaron Christensen.

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