Terror Tuesdays Continue at the Sulzer Regional Library in Chicago

Last Tuesday, my partner-in-crime Aaron Christensen (Horror 101 with Dr. AC), were at the Sulzer Regional Library to discuss the first part in our month-long discussion of the horror genre. Last week’s subject was vampires, where we started with Nosferatu that came out 100 years ago, through history to the modern-day bloodsuckers. If you were at the event last week and wanted the list of films that were covered, look at the bottom of this post.

But this coming Tuesday, Oct. 11th at 6:30pm, we’re going to be diving into the zombie sub-genre, from the very beginning where they were mind-controlled slaves to the more popular flesh-eating types. So, if you’re in the area, feel free to stop by. It is a free event and what better time of the year to hear about some of our favorite monsters!

The next two subjects for this series will be Giant Monsters on Oct. 18th, and Ghosts and Haunted Spaces will be on Oct. 25th. For more information about these events, just click HERE.

For those that were interested, here are the list of vampire films mentioned in our discussion last week. These are listed by release date of the films.

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Terror Tuesdays at the Chicago Public Library

In the past, my partner-in-horror Aaron Christensen (aka Horror 101 with Dr. AC) and I have given some little seminars at the Sulzer branch of the Chicago Public Library, giving an overview of the horror genre. This year, however, not only did they ask us back, but they wanted MORE! So now, we’re taking over every Tuesday in October with TERROR TUESDAYS!

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Discover the Horror Episode 8 Is Up!

As horror fans, we’re guessing that everyone out there has been asked one time or another, “why do you like horror?” It’s a question that can get many different answers, but no matter what the answer might be, it never seems to get across to the person asking it, or at least enough for them to truly understand our strange passion of this particular film genre. Join us as we discuss this topic, and while maybe not answer that age old question for everyone, we’ll at least give our insight into why we are still love horror after all these years.

Joining us in this episode is our first guest to the Discover the Horror Podcast, Dr. AC (aka Aaron Christensen! He runs the Horror 101 with Dr. AC website, as well as being editor for books like Horror 101: The A-List of Horror and Monster Movies and Hidden Horror, which won the Rondo Award for Best Book in 20013. So, help us welcome AC into our little philosophical discussion as we delved into the dark recesses of our minds, attempting to answer the not-so-simple question, Why Do We Like Horror?

April Fulci!

Webster University Film Series is putting the spotlight on one of our favorite directors, Lucio Fulci, and one that I honestly think is still underrated outside of the horror fans. And now is your chance to learn why!

Every Thursday in April one of Fulci films will host a live discussion about the film. The idea is to watch the film at some point before the event, then join them to hear a different speaker each week discuss the specific title. The selections for April Fulcis are: Continue reading

Caring Through Scaring

My good friend Dr. AC (aka Aaron Christensen) is once again taking on a cause to try to raise money (and awareness) to something special to him. And he’s doing it through the use of scary movies. How cool is that? This is something that AC has been doing for the past 10 years, picking a cause that he feels needs some help, and doing it in a way that all horror fans can appreciate. As horror fans, the ones that a good chunk of society looks upon as deviants, degenerates, and the ones you wouldn’t want to be walking down the street with. Granted, we know that is all nonsense since pretty much all of my fellow horror brothers and sisters are some of the kindest, warm-hearted people I know. So this is a chance to show those people we care, as well as putting some good back into the community.

The way it works is that AC has committed himself to watch 1 horror movie a day for every day in October. Your part comes in my donating a specific amount of money per movie. For example, if you pledge a $1 a movie, at the end of the month, you would be donating $31. You can do more, you can do less. The whole point is to put some financial help to a cause that could use it. This year, AC has chosen Boxville.org to help out. To explain more about this, I’ll let AC do the talking… or writing.

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AC’s Scare-A-Thon 2019: Day of the Lorax

AC's Lorax

Our good friend Aaron Christensen is doing his annual Scare-A-Thon, this time putting attention to the Amazon by raising money for Amazon Watch. No, this isn’t anything to do with ordering stuff online or watching streaming movies, but to help the Amazon rain forest and the people that live there. And its pretty simple to help AC in his quest. Continue reading

Kicking the Seat Podcast


Totally forgot about posting this last week! But better late than never. Last week, while we were at the Music Box Theatre for our book launch, I had the great opportunity to sit down with Ian Simmons from Kicking the Seat podcast. The first part of the podcast, we talk about the book and what keeps me busy. But after that, if you’re a lover of Argento and the giallo, then you’re going to want to continue to listen!

After I get done rambling, you’ll get to hear Ian, along with Aaron Christensen (Horror 101 with Dr. AC) and Bryan Martinez from The Giallo Room YouTube series, as they discuss Argento’s 1982 film Tenebre. Ian and Aaron have been discussing a lot of Argento over the last few months so check out some of the older podcasts to hear more.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast. Enjoy!


Book Review: The Unrepentant Cinephile

Unrepentant CinephileThe Unrepentant Cinephile
Independently Published in 2017. 556 pages
By Jason Coffman

So what really is the purpose of a movie guide? I mean, after all, it’s just a collection of reviews by either one or a number of people that watch the films and review them, right. While that is true in its basic element, for me it really comes down to opening doors. Not just showing me some titles that I’ve never heard about, but when done correctly, makes me want to seek them out after reading about them. The reviewer’s thoughts and how they are written are a very important key here, as well as the reviewer themselves. I’ve come across many reviewers that I’ve found simply not getting what they are reviewing, or a few that seem like they haven’t even watched the movie they’re writing about. But when you come across a reviewer/writer that not only knows what he’s talking about, but just has a sheer love of cinema, you tend to take his words to heart, even above and beyond the ‘likes and dislikes’ they may have for a particular title. Jason Coffman is one of those. And this book does exactly what a film guide should do and that is to open the doors and should make your To-Watch list grow. A lot.

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Theatre Review: The Man-Beast

man beast 1

The Man-Beast
Written by Joseph Zettelmaier
Directed by Hayley Rice
Starring Elizabeth Laidlaw and Aaron Christensen

Here at the Krypt, we don’t get out to an actual theater too often. Not a movie theater, but a stage theater. Honestly we should, but it has to be something usually dabbling in the horror genre to really pique my interests. But no matter what the genre, the whole process and performance just boggles my mind. Movies are one thing, with multiple takes and makeup effects done over and over again until they are perfect. But on the stage, it’s only the actors carrying the weight of the play. There are no re-takes, no “let’s try that from the top”. So the times that we’ve made it out to the theater, it always amazes me that these people are able to do what they do and let alone do it with such passion and style that can not only entertain, but entrance the audience into their little make-believe world for a couple of hours.

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Horror Hunters Are Coming!

Horror Hunters Banner.jpg

While I tend to hate reality shows, as well as never being too good at self-promotion, I do want to point this little adventure I was involved in that was a lot of fun. Horror Hunters is a pilot show where to horror fiends go to visit different like-minded fans to see their collections, and maybe do a trade with them. It debuts this Wednesday on Shout Factory TV at 9pm ET/6pm PT, with an encore screening at 12am ET/9pm PT. See below for the press release from Shout Factory.

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