Joe Turkel – Rest in Peace

The real power of an actor can be one single role, one performance, even if it is for only a minute or two onscreen that will make movie-goers remember them forever. Joe Turkel, and actor who had over a 140 acting credits to his name, did that twice in his career. They were on the later part of his career, but they are still as an effective performance now and they were some 40 years ago today.

The first and probably best known, is that of Lloyd the bartender in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). His underplayed and subdued characterization sells the roles even more. But then two years later, he appeared in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, as Dr. Eldon Tyrell, the creator of the replicants that Harrison Ford’s character is out to capture. Again, not a huge role and not a lot of screen time, but Turkel made an impact with it.

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Movie Review: The Brain from Planet Arous

Directed by Nathan Juran
Starring John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller, Thomas Browne Henry

During my time working at a movie theater, It Came from Hollywood (1982) played there, which was sort of like a pre-MST3K concept, with comedians like Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and a few others, making jokes over scenes of different cheesy movies. There were a ton of titles that I saw little bits of for the first time there, The Brain from Planet Arous being one of them.

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Discover the Horror Episode 20: Remakes and Re-Imaginings

A single word that will bring a look of hatred, disgust, or simply end the conversation: remakes. When brought up, many fans will immediately say “they suck” and move on. But do they all suck? Sure, we can all point out an example or two that we think of as abominations, but you can’t lump all of them together. Because when you start to think about it, there are plenty of good remakes… and a few that we think are amazing! In this episode, we delve into this perennially controversial subject. We’ll cover some of our favorites as well as ones that we feel missed the mark, and even try to figure out what makes a remake successful or… well, not so successful.

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Joe Bob at the Music Box

On Tuesday, July 5th, Joe Bob Briggs will be at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre for a double feature to get that grey matter between your ears working in overdrive! They will be screening The Brain (1988), which stars David Gale (Dr. Hill from Re-Animator) and a giant brain that flies around eating people! This one is a real hoot! After that will be a screening of Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage (1989), about a worm-like parasite that drugs his hosts to get them to help him get food, which of course, is brains!

Tickets are $25 and Joe Bob will be there hanging out in the Music Box Lounge before and after each film, as well as selling exclusive merchandise and doing a meet-and-greet with autographs for ticket holders. For all the information, head over to the Music Box website HERE!

Massimo Morante – Rest in Peace

Right as we were heading off to Monster Bash last week, we heard the sad news of the passing of musician Massimo Morante, one of the founding members of the band Goblin. I had the chance to see them back in 2013 when they were touring with a few other original band members, including Claudio Simonetti. It was one of the best concerts I had gone to, and even better that my son was there to experience it with me. And to really top it off, we were able to meet Morante and Simonetti after the show for a photo.

Morante and the rest of the band were able to create not only some incredible music, but made these amazing movie soundtracks, the likes we’d never heard before, giving a whole new take on what a soundtrack should sound like. Morante help make these scores not only work so well, but so memorable. He will be remembered each time the notes from Deep Red or Suspiria starts to blast from our home theater speaker, and definitely never forgotten for his contributions to the music field.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family during this difficult time.

Mystery Photo 6-27

Welcome to another Monday, and our last Mystery Photo for June! That means we’re the summer is 1/3 over and we’re that much closer to Halloween! Okay, so you may not be as excited about it as I am . . . but let’s get to why we are here. I was very happy to see all the correct answers sent in for our last photo, which was from the Amicus film And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973). What an amazing cast, huh? Including the one in the photo, the stellar Rosalie Crutchley, who is probably best known to horror fans as the strange Mrs. Dudley in Robert Wise’s The Haunting (1963). While Amicus was usually known for their anthology films, they could still belt out a great feature film that was effective and entertaining. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Dada Debaser, Chris Dyer, Hector Fernandez, Dave Fronto, Kevin Hart, Bob Hartman, Brett Harrison, Troy Howarth, Gary McGuire, Charles Miller, Gary Miller, Bryan Senn, Michael Shields, Vincent Simonelli, Alan Tromp, and Greg Wojick. Well done!

Now on to this week’s photo. Might be a little different but let us see what you can come up with. Take a peek, put some thought into it, and then send us your guess in an email, to Good Luck!

Mystery Photo 6-20

Running a little late today but we still got one posted! But before we get to our new one, let’s go over last week’s photo. The photo was from the one and only The Hideous Sun Demon (1958), starring (not to mention producing and directing) Robert Clarke! Such a fun little movie that is more than worth your time if you haven’t gotten around to it. I swear, it’s hard to go wrong with sci-fi/horror flicks of the ’50s. Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Chris Dyer, Bob Hartman, Kevin Hart, Bryan Senn, Michael Shields, and Alan Tromp. Well done!

Okay, this one might not be as easy, but we’ll see how sharp some of you are. Take a good look, then send your guess to us in an email, to Good Luck!

Monster Bash Next Weekend!

It’s been three years since our last Spring Monster Bash Conference, and we are so excited to make our return next weekend. The show takes place in Mars, PA, from June 24th to the 26th, with movies showing all weekend until the wee hours of the morning. Plus, you have guests like Caroline Munro, Patrick Wayne, Beverly Washburn, and more. Not to mention plenty of Q&As, seminars as well. Lastly, I would say that this show has one of the best dealer rooms around. I am always finding some great stuff here at the Bash. While the show focuses on classic horror, you just never know what you can find perusing the different vendors. In other words, there is more than enough fun to be had while you’re here.

My wife and I will be set up there as usual, so if you’re heading out, make sure you stop by and say hello! For all the updated information about the show, the guests, the schedule, and all the great films they’re screening, head over to their website HERE.

Double Dose of Horror at the Midway Drive-In

I know everyone (or most everyone) reading this has seen the original Halloween (1978) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) before. Many times, before, I’m guessing. But have you seen it projected on a screen 90 feet across? Then now is your chance because next weekend, June 24th & 25th, they will be having a special double feature screening both of these classic horror films that were game changers for the genre.

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Discover the Horror: Episode 19 – Cronenberg

The Brood (1979), Videodrome (1983), The Fly (1986). These are the three favorites of one of the most unique directors working today. If he didn’t create the term “body horror”, he sure did redefine it. Especially in those earlier films in his career, there was always something dwelling deep within the flesh, working its way out, through the blood and plus. Tune in and hear our thoughts on our three Cronenberg favorites and such fun topics like fly politics, literal handguns, and redefining what a messy divorce looks like.

Films mention in this episode:

Atrium (2018), Black Christmas (1974), The Brood (1979), Cigarette Burns (2005), Curtains (1983), The Dead are Alive! (1972), The Dead Zone (1983), The Exterminator (1980), The Fly (1986), Ghostbusters (1984), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), Nightbreed (1990), Rabid (1977), Scanners (1981), Shivers (1975), Stripes (1982), The Thing (1982), Videodrome (1983), The Void (2016)