Super Monster Movie Fest Coming Soon!


In a little less than 2 weeks, the Skyline Drive-In will be hosting their annual Super Monster Movie Fest. This year’s theme is Man Made Monsters and they have posted the final and complete list of titles that are scheduled to play. As always, they have one hell of a great lineup! Here’s is what will be playing: Continue reading

Mystery Photo 8-12

Last week’s photo was a little tough, I’ll admit. But there are reasons for my choices. If a photo from a movie you haven’t seen before piques your interests enough to seek it out, then I’ve done my job. Granted, I hope you enjoy what you seek out, but at least the searching can be the fun part. Last week’s photo was from The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow (2010). The main reason I sought out this film was that it featured Paul Naschy is one of his last roles, so I had to see it. The first film, just called The Valdemar Legacy, was pretty entertaining, which had me then seeking out the second feature. While the second was a little bit of a let down, especially compared with the first, I still enjoyed them both. If you a fan of Naschy, as well as H.P. Lovecraft, I think it will be worth your time. Congrats to Hoby Abernathy, Bryan Martinez, and Lee Nattrass for sending in the correct answer.

Now for this week’s photo. I recently got an upgraded print of this film so I decided to use it for this week’s pic. Another one that needs more attention. Just remember, please do not post your answers here so others can have a chance. Just send us an email to Good Luck.


Book Review: Blood Circuits

BBlood Circuitslood Circuits: Contemporary Argentine Horror Cinema
Published by Suny Press, 2019. 248 pages.
By Jonathan Risner

I was hoping this book would be a real eye-opener to horror films from a country that I admittedly wasn’t that familiar with, which would be Argentine horror films. I hoped that I could come out of this with a list of titles that I need to seek out. While I did find a few titles to look for, unfortunately, it didn’t take me long after digging into this volume that it was not written for your average, run-of-the-mill reader, like myself. This is for academics. Very well read academics, in fact. Plus, while there are some movies discussed, it seems to more about the film business in Argentina, how the films are made and received, than the actual films themselves. This isn’t a criticism, but it wasn’t the book I was hoping for. I was really hoping to learn more about the films and the filmmakers instead of the actual industry. Continue reading

Soundtrack Review: Cold Skin

Cold Skin CDCold Skin (2017)
Released by Quartet Records (2017)
14 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 37 min.
Music Composed by Víctor Reyes

We stumbled across this movie while scrolling through Netflix one night. It sounded interesting so I gave it a try. I wasn’t expecting a well made film with a little bit of a Lovecraftian feel to it. But then a few months later and I discover that there was a soundtrack actually released for this! Of course, I immediately ordered my copy. The more I looked into the career of composer Víctor Reyes, the more I realized that I had already heard some of his previous work. In fact, quite a few. Such as Buried (2010), Grand Piano (2013), and even the more recent Down a Dark Hall (2018). But let’s get to the review of this little beauty. Continue reading

Soundtrack Review: House of Usher

houseofushercdHouse of Usher
Released by Intrada
15 tracks with a total running time of 1:02:39 min.
Music composed and conducted by Les Baxter

Les Baxter has made so many great scores to so many great movies, it really hard to comprehend. Just look at all the work he did for Roger Corman and AIP alone, not to mention all the other genre titles he scored, and see that it is very impressive. There were quite a few Italian pictures that AIP acquired for US distribution that Baxter was hired to re-score. So if you’re a fan of AIP and Corman’s work, then you’ve heard his work… several times I would guess. Continue reading

Kicking the Seat Podcast


Totally forgot about posting this last week! But better late than never. Last week, while we were at the Music Box Theatre for our book launch, I had the great opportunity to sit down with Ian Simmons from Kicking the Seat podcast. The first part of the podcast, we talk about the book and what keeps me busy. But after that, if you’re a lover of Argento and the giallo, then you’re going to want to continue to listen!

After I get done rambling, you’ll get to hear Ian, along with Aaron Christensen (Horror 101 with Dr. AC) and Bryan Martinez from The Giallo Room YouTube series, as they discuss Argento’s 1982 film Tenebre. Ian and Aaron have been discussing a lot of Argento over the last few months so check out some of the older podcasts to hear more.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast. Enjoy!


Mystery Photo 8-5

Welcome to our first Mystery Photo of August! We would have had this a little sooner today but after having one hell of a time the last few days at Flashback Weekend, we’re still recovering! But let’s get down to business! The photo from last week was from  Norman J. Warren’s Bloody New Year (1987). The only one with the correct answer was William Wilson, so kudos goes out to him.

Now this one is going to be tricky. The creature might look familiar, but will you know which movie it is from??? Take a look and find out! As always, please remember not to post your answers here, so others can have a guess. Just send them to us in an email to Good Luck!