New Short Film from Adam Ciolfi

Back in January of last year, I became aware of stop-animation filmmaker Adam Ciolfi. I’ve always been impressed with anybody who is crazy enough to work in this field, but one of the things that has impressed me with Ciolfi’s work beyond the stop-animation, is that he designs and creates all of his own sets, which is just freaking amazing.

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Becoming Dracula: Volume 2!

Earlier this year, Gary D. Rhodes and Bill Kaffenberger released the first volume in Becoming Dracula: The Early Years of Bela Lugosi. Well now, it continues with Volume 2 just being released by BearManor Media. At 436 pages, it is available in both hardcover ($46) and softcover ($36) versions. This sheds even more light on the early days of the man who would become forever known as Dracula, and just like every other book from Rhodes and Kaffenberger, both editions are a must for anybody that is a fan of Bela Lugosi.

For more information, you can head over to BearManor Media or Amazon.

The Crow Deluxe Soundtrack

When I first saw Alex Proyas’ 1994 film The Crow, starring Brandon Lee in his final tragic performance, I immediately feel in love with the movie. While the film is filled with loud music, violence, and a wide assortment of very bad characters, I couldn’t get past the sadness of it all. Granted, Lee’s death during the final days of filming hovered over the film like gloomy dark cloud, and still does to this day, it is also the story the film tells on one hand is a bit of a downer, but there is still a glimmer of hope.

One of the things that helps bring those feelings is the score that Graeme Revell did for it. While there is some music in there, like from Stone Temple Pilots, it is Revell’s score that really captured the emotions on screen. I immediately picked up the soundtrack when it came out and relived the film over and over again, each time I listened to it. But now, we’re going to have the chance to hear and experience even more.

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Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster

On October 26th, this new documentary on one of the greatest icons of the horror genre will be available on Digital and On Demand from Shout! Studios. You’ll get to hear from names like Guillermo del Toro, John Landis, Joe Dante, Christopher Plummer, Ron Perlman, Peter Bogdanovich, Roger Corman, Christopher Frayling, and many, many more, all in honor of this great man. Check out the trailer below and mark your calendar for the 26th!

Mystery Photo 10-4

Late once again, but here it is nonetheless. I blame Cinema Wasteland for making me so damn tired today. Even though we weren’t vending there, we still had one hell of a time and came home pretty worn out! Still got a lot of other things I’m working on here, but I wanted to make sure I get a new photo posted. But first, our photo from last week. It was from After Midnight, the 2019 film that starred Jeremy Gardner, who also wrote it and co-directed it! It’s a great little film that is very suspenseful and definitely a must see. And what a perfect time to watch it, huh? Kudos to Bryan Martinez and Gary McGuire for sending in the correct answer.

This week’s photo might be a little easier to figure out. But we’ll see. Just remember to send me your guess, to Good Luck!

Kryptic Army Mission: Oct. 2021 – Here There Be Witches

Double, Double Toil and Trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble…

While some know of the witch-hunts in the Colonial America times, with the famous trials in Salem, or even all the witch-hunting that took place back in Europe from the 1400s to almost the 1800s. Some were accused because the god-fearing folk that feared “natural science” or didn’t want anything to go against their own religion or beliefs. Or they just wanted someone to blame for any bad luck that had befallen them or for any other countless human weakness. But witches and witchcraft goes back far beyond that era, even centuries before Christ and the birth of Christianity. I guess it just shows that humans have been persecuting each each other for quite some time, either out of sheer ignorance or something as simple as being different, or these “outcasts” were felt to be a threat to the “normal” way of living.

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Tommy Kirk – Rest in Peace

Sure, while Tommy Kirk is best known for his roles in a plethora of Disney films, such as Old Yeller, The Shaggy Dog, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones, and many others, you might be wondering why I would be mentioning his passing here on the Krypt. Well, like a lot of stars that “fall from grace”, they sometimes end up in some low-low-low budgeted films, which is exactly what happened with Kirk.

Disney had primed him to be an even bigger star in his youth, but once they found out that Kirk was gay, that was all it took and gave him the boot. At that time, it was hard to recover from that. Having bouts with drug addiction, which was not helping his career. After Disney, he started to work with A.I.P. in films like Pajama Party (1964), as well as working with director Bert I. Gordon in Village of the Giants (1965).

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Dr. AC’s Annual Scare-A-Thon!

Dr. AC’s annual Scare-A-Thon is upon us once again, as he does his part to help the community through watching horror movies! As he puts it, it is Caring through Scaring! His goal is to not only watch 31 movies in 31 days, but to help show diversity, he is picking 31 movies from 31 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES! How’s that for going above and beyond!

Each year, AC choosing an organization that he feels not only needs the money, but also some more attention for the fine work they are doing. This year’s recipient is Albany Park Theater Project. When AC was telling me about this theater group, it had me really intrigued. The group is a a teen ensemble and adult artistic team that “amplifies and illuminates the voices and experiences of our immigrant and first-generation community.”

Created in 1997, works in “telling the stories of people whose voices are not always heard in ways that respect and honor them.” What a great way to help the next generation have a chance of making the needed changes we need today, as well as maybe possibly teaching something to their audience.

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Mystery Photo 9-27

It is still officially Monday, so while I may be a wee bit late getting this posted, here it is! Our photo from last week was from Ted V. Mikels 1971 epic film The Corpse Grinders!!! You can almost hear the trailer, can’t you? Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Gary McGuire, Jason Siegel, and William Wilson. Well done!

For this week, I will say that it is a newer film but that is all the clues I will give. So take a peek, like the guy in the photo and see what comes knocking in the recesses of your mind. Remember to just send me your answer in an email (that way I don’t forget!) to Good Luck!