2019 Year End Review: Part 5 – The Unforgettable of the Decade, 2010-2019

When I first started to compile a list of my Best of the Decade, I had to narrow the list of well over thirty titles to begin with. As I was narrowing it down to ten, I did notice quite a few that I really enjoyed but just weren’t  going to make the cut. Then I also realized that some of these titles don’t seem to be coming up in conversation too often, or at all. It would be a real shame for a great movie to come out and quickly disappear into all those other titles that are constantly coming out through physical media or some streaming service. That is why I decided to make this particular list because I want to make sure that if one or two, or more, of these titles had slipped by you, now would be your chance to seek them out. If you enjoyed them as much as I did, then to pass the recommendations onto other like-minded film fans. The last thing we want is for some entertaining and sometimes original films to get lost in the flood of all these titles. So make a note of these titles, if you haven’t seen them, and give yourself a challenge to find them in 2020. And then help spread the word! Once again, these are in alphabetical order.

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2019 Year End Review: Part 4 – Best of the Decade, 2010-2019

Best of the Decade

Since we have completed yet another decade (which I must admit I am surprised we have survived with the current state of affairs) and I have been recently pondering this whole concept of Top Ten lists (thanks Gregg!), I thought it might be interesting challenge to look back over these last ten years and pick my favorite ten horror films… IF… I could narrow it down to just ten film. My initial picks were just under thirty titles. So after some seriously contemplations, I have it narrowed down to a final ten. The funny thing is that the final “ten” has changed twice since I started this process! If this exercise has done anything for me, it has made be bust out a few of these and re-watch them. Not really to remind myself of how much I liked them, but because it had been a while. And going down that journey again gave me almost the same thrills and feelings I had the first time. Continue reading

2019 Year End Review: Part 3 – Best Viewings

2019 best banner

As always, keep in mind that my list here are my favorites that I watched for the first time in 2019. You’ll noticed that while most of them are recent films, coming out in the last few years, there are some that are older, one that even came out over a decade ago! But to me, when I’m watching a film for the first time, it is a new movie to me, so that is why I count them. I have them listed in alphabetical order just to make it easier.

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2019 Year End Review – Part 2: In Rememberence

Tears in rain

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”

The famous line above is from the ending of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982), from the replicant Roy Batty, played by Rutger Hauer, just moments before he stops functioning, or “dies”. This was a line that Hauer added without Scott’s knowledge and it not only stayed in the film, but has referenced quite a bit since then, as it is now. The reason I bring it up here is twofold. First and most obviously is because Hauer is one of the names listed below that we lost in 2019. But secondly, this line may be about Batty’s memories, but when it comes to movies, and fans like us, they never will be lost, but will live on for decades to come. For each new generation of film lovers, they will discover these “moments”, some becoming etched in their psyche, while some even changing their lives. Continue reading

2019 Year End Review: Part 1 – A Look Back

Look Back Banner

End of another year. Another decade. I know one thing for sure that this last decade will not be remembered as one that didn’t produce any good horror movies! Just look at 2014 and you’ll find a ton of amazing films, from here in the US to around the world. As a horror fan, I feel pretty blessed with these last ten years of terror. Let’s hope the ’20s bring us another long list of great cinema.

I had thought that this would be a personal low when it came to films watched, only because it didn’t feel like I had watched that many. In fact, there were a couple of months were I only got to a handful of films. With my book coming out, doing another retrospective for HorrorHound, and the usual holidays, it takes time away from being able to sit and watch movies. But once the tally was done, it turns out that I had watched more in 2019 than I did since 2013! The final number was 236, with almost half of them, a total of 115, being first time viewings. There were a few trips to the drive-ins, some movie marathons, a couple of Turkey Days, and other mini-marathons with friends or just by myself. And I intend to do it all over this year! Really going to try and hit 250 viewings in 2020. Continue reading

2013 Year End Review

(originally posted on our old site on December 29th, 2013)


For a year that according to the Aztecs was never supposed to happen, it sure was quite a year for us here at the Krypt. But before we get into all that, we want to take a second to remember all of those that we lost over this last year that we feel had an impact in the horror genre in one way or another. Whether a director, actor, stuntman, writer, or producer, these people below gave us something that we can still watch and appreciate even today. And because of these films, these people may have left this world but their memories will be kept alive by fans like us that refuse to let these movies pass on to obscurity. So please take a second to not only just read over the list of names below, but remember something that they worked on, something that you enjoyed watching, entranced, intrigued or simply just entertained by their work. That is how we keep them alive and remembered, and able to pass it on to the next generation of movie fans.

Karen Black, Richard Brooker, David Early, Roger Ebert, Jon Finch, Jess Franco, Julie Harris, Ray Harryhausen, Anthony Hinds, Jose Larraz, Wojciech Kilar, Richard Matheson, Eddie Romero, Ted Rusoff, Patty Shepard Continue reading

2012 Year End Review

(Originally posted on our old site on December 30th, 2012)


Another year of great times spent with my family and the multitude of people that we call our friends, giving way to another full year of fantastic memories. As we look back at 2012, the year when it was all suppose to end, we’re all still here and no worse for wear. As we look back for the high points of the year, a lot of them are the same as the years before. But even if the events are the same, it really comes down to spending time with our friends and family during all of these great times. Since I’ve been going to these usually by myself or with other friends, having my family with me now, making it almost like a family business so to speak, it has been making it even more special and enjoyable then before. Can’t tell you how proud I am of both my wife Dawn and son Nick, when watching them work the Krypt table at a convention. As Dawn has told me many times before, this is who we are. This is what defines us. And for that, I really am the luckiest person alive. I mean seriously… how many wives and kids would be happy to spend the weekend at an out-of-state drive-in theater? So thank you to all of our friends out there for making them so much damn fun! And especially to Dawn and Nick for truly making this obsession of mine a real family adventure.

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2011 Year End Review

(Originally posted on our old site on January 1st, 2012)


Where to start? This has been one challenging year for us here at the Krypt, both on a professional level, as well on a personal one. So many times it is so easy to forget and/or look past all the great things we have in our lives, sometimes right in front of us. If you only make one New Year’s resolution, make it to appreciate what you have and the people around you, and make sure you let them know just that. But we have made it through and are looking forward to 2012 and to more than make up for this last year. We are not hoping for great things to happen, but are going to make them happen. One of the reasons that we survived this year was due to the strong support of my close friends and especially my wife of 23 years, Dawn. I wouldn’t have made it though it had it not been for them. So thank you for being there. Continue reading

2010 Year End Review

(Originally published on our old site on January 2nd, 2011)


Another year gone and another one right behind the corner. Once again, the year was filled with great movies, plenty of conventions and film fests, and plenty of time spent with great horror friends, which is really what it is all about. You people out there have made this year a great one, and am really looking forward to this new year, for many different reason. So let’s take a look at back at this last year and what some of our highpoints were.


Last January, we started a new little project called our Kryptic Army. Our goal was to come up with a concept that would give people a new challenge each month to seek out two horror movies that they hadn’t seen before, following a certain theme. We weren’t sure how big of a success it was going to be. While we were hoping for more people participating, those that have been seemed to be having a great time with it. After all, that is what matters. But no worries, because our numbers seem to be growing each month. Continue reading

2009 Year End Review

(Originally posted on our old site January 3rd, 2010)

2009 Year End Review

Okay folks, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. This turned out a quite a bit longer than I originally imagined, but I guess that just means the year was jammed packed. Let’s take a look back…..shall we?


PaulNaschyThere were several high points last year, as well as a few low ones as well. One of the lower one that hit me the most was the death of Paul Naschy at the end of November. The horror genre really lost one of the last remaining icons that day. But even with his passing, it is making me strive even more to get his work out there to people that are not aware of his massive filmography, let alone talent. So while we are still sadden by this lost, we do know that we will also keep his memory alive and can even bring him back to life, each time we pop in one of his movies. And this is something that we will continue to do so, on a regular basis. Continue reading