2022 Year End Reviews – Part 3: Never to Forget

This was a tough year since there were quite a few names on the list below that I had the gracious opportunity to be able to meet them at one of the conventions or movie events over the years. Each one of them contributed in some way to the horror film world that we hold dear. I always say that those that work in this medium will always be alive in our hearts and minds because we’ll always be able to see them or their work onscreen any time we want to, by just putting in a DVD or Blu-ray. We’ll always be able to remember their hard work they did, seeing it come alive each and every time. Whether they were an actor appearing onscreen, or a writer, director, or any of the other essential people that create these magical moments for us fans to enjoy, time and time again, we will always remember you. Thank you for helping to keep that magic alive and well.

Rest in Peace, and know that you will never fade away, but will continue to live on in our little movie theaters.

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2022 Year End Reviews – Part 2: Best Viewings

As always, my Best Of list isn’t just of films that came out this last year, but ones that were first time viewings for me, because when it comes down to it, whether it came out in 2022 or 1952, if it is the first time I’m watching it, then it is a new movie. So, my Best Of lists usually tend to have more older titles than newer ones, which might have something to do with the lack of originality in modern day productions. That being said, I was amazed to see how many newer titles ended up on my list this year, with 7 out of the 10 coming out within the last three years. That was a very nice surprise and gives me hope for the future of the horror genre. Now let’s get to this year’s Best Viewings list.

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2022 Year End Review – Part 1: The Highlights

Another year in the books, as they say. Was it a good year? Well, I’m still around and you’re reading this so that means you are too, which shows that is definitely a positive thing, right? I think we got a little closer to normality in 2022, but I think there is still a little more to go. Always room to improve, right? And while we’re not going into 2024 just yet, the above banner would pretty much sum up my thoughts on the world right now. But we still have a little time, and I would like to think and hope that we could make the positive change we need. It really comes down to just by doing something as simple as being kind to each other, and passing it along as if it was Covid, and hope that it is just as contagious.

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2021 Year End Review: Best Viewings

Compared to my movie-watching totals from last year, I really was slacking off! In 2020, I clocked in 422 titles! Not sure how I did that, but that really set the bar high for me from then on. But in 2021, I only got through 278 titles, but at least 160 of those were new viewings. My goal for this year is to hit at least 300, but we’ll see how that goes!

Below are the 10 films that I thought stood out amongst the rest and are definitely worth seeking out. These are listed in alphabetical order, and as always, these are all new viewings to me, so it doesn’t matter what year they actually came out. Enjoy!

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2021 Year End Review: Part 2 – Those We Have Lost, But Not Forgotten

As a movie fan, the older we get, the more names and faces we lose that have helped entertain us throughout our lives. Whether they are directors, actors, makeup artists, cinematographers, or set designers, they all helped create something magical to entertain us, whether it was scaring us, making us nervous or filled with anxiety, laugh, cry, or even enlightening us, making us want to be better people. For those brief moments of their work, we are forever grateful. Thankfully, most of those memories are permanently recorded and can be experienced time and time again, whenever we want, as well as them being there to do the same thing for newer audiences every single year. While we are bound lose such great talent through the passage of time, as movie fans, we can rest assured that we will help keep their memory, and their work, alive for decades to come.

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2021 Year End Review – Part 1

This has been a strange year. We still seemed to be struggling to get this pandemic under control, which really is easier than it seems if people would just do the right thing and think about everyone else besides themselves or thinking that their “rights” are somehow think are being violated. Lighten up, Francis!

I am forever hopeful that intelligence and compassion will win over idiocracy and herd mentality. I hope, because I want to the world to get back to normal, where friends can gather and create new happy memories, enjoying each other’s company. So, here’s to 2022 and that we make that step towards that little goal. But I got to say, it’s getting harder and harder to remain optimistic anymore. So please, let us all help a little bit to show that we are a better species than that. Just take a moment and do something positive. Tell someone something positive, whether it be a friend or total stranger. Give some help to someone that might need it more than they are letting on. It can be something so simple that could change that person’s day.

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2020 Year End Review: Part 4 – The Return of the Drive-In

One of the positives for 2020 was the resurgence of the drive-in theaters. With all the social distancing, a drive-in theater is the perfect place to go see a movie, staying safe by not having to be in a large group of people. In fact, we made more trips to the drive-ins this year than we normally do, and had a blast each and every time. It was just a magical return to somewhat of our normal convention or movie viewing get-togethers, even though everyone was very good about keeping our space and wearing masks. But even with that, it was so much fun, and a little resemblance of the much-missed conventions. Continue reading

2020 Year End Review: Part 3 – Best Viewings!

Because all the shows being cancelled, like many of us, I’ve spend more time sitting at home than I usually do. Take away not only the shows, but heading into Chicago for movie screenings, or just gathering with friends, it meant much more time in the Krypt. But what that means is that I’ve set a personal record for the number of movies that I’ve watched this year. I think previously my records were in the high 200s. I don’t think I’ve ever broken even 300. Well, this year, I’ve watched a total of 422 titles. So yeah, I took advantage of all of that extra time. Plus, while I usually tend to watch a lot of movies that I’ve seen before, 259 of that total were new movies, or at least new to me. That is one of the many things I love about cinema, that there will never be a time when there won’t be new titles to discover. Whether they were made last month, or a century ago, if you keep looking, you’ll find some amazing pieces of cinema out there. Continue reading

2020 Year End Review: Part 2 – Those We Have Lost… But Not Forgotten

Each year, we lose more and more of our movie heroes, and this year was brutal. We lost directors, actors, composers, journalists, and so many more people that were responsible for creating amazing memories for us, and those that wrote about them, hoping to inspire people to seek them out. But as I always say each year, it is because of our love of the genre that these names and the work they have given us will never die. We will continue to keep their memory and their work alive for years to come, even introducing their work to more people. So from us at the Krypt, we thank you and you can rest knowing you will never be forgotten. Continue reading