Soundtrack Review: Sensoria

Sensoria Soundtrack

Sensoria  (2015)
Released by Screamworks Records, 2016
15 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 39 min.
Music Composed by Frank Ilfman

I just love it when I stumbled across a soundtrack from a film that I’ve never heard before but just love it. I picked up a copy of Ilfman’s score for Sensoria because it was on sale at one of the online soundtrack places I frequent often. I’ve enjoyed Ilfman’s scores for Big Bad Wolves and Ghost Stories and this was cheap enough so I figured I’d take the chance.

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The Omen Score on White Vinyl

omenVarèse Sarabande has released a limited edition “demonic white vinyl” version of Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar winning score for Richard Donner’s The Omen (1976). Talk about an iconic score! This release is only available on Varèse Sarabande website and each of the copies of this remastered LP will be hand numbered, as well as only having 666 units being released.

This is one of those scores that just listening to it can bring back the chills the film creates and has always been one of my favorites. This is a prime example when a score enhances what is happening on the screen so much, it truly is a masterpiece.

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Soundtrack Review: Big Bad Wolves



Big Bad Wolves
Released by Moviescore Media, 2014

18 Tracks with a total running time of 54:16 min.
Music Composed by Frank Ilfman

When I first got this soundtrack to review, I hadn’t even heard of this movie, or even the composer. After reading the synopsis of it, it did have me intrigued. What is fascinating is that for a movie that has a pretty brutal storyline, about a father torturing a man who think believe is responsible for the sadistic murder of his child, the soundtrack that accompanies it is oddly enough very beautiful. Though there are tracks that do give you a hint of what this movie is about, such as in the track Scream for Me. This starts out slowly before building up the pace and volume, raising the tension as it does.

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Soundtrack Review: Killing of the Dolls / Necrophagus


Killing of the Dolls / Necrophagus
Released by Quartet Records, 2017

24 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 53 min. Music Composed and Conducted by Alfonso Santisteban

First and foremost, major kudos to Quartet Records for releasing this double soundtrack on CD. I remember seeing Necrophagus, under the title Graveyard of Horror years ago on VHS, and I never would have even thought that someday I would be able to have the soundtrack of this rare title on CD! And now here it is on a double feature soundtrack with Killing of the Dolls, another score by Alfonso Santisteban. Wonders never cease. But let’s get to the scores.

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Soundtrack Review: Killer Klowns Re-Imagined


Killer Klowns from Outer Space: Re-Imagined
Released by Varèse Sarabande, 2018
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 61 min.
Music from the film by John Massari

When you have a great score for a movie that you just happen to love and have seen many, many times, I tend to get a bit nervous when I hear the score has been “re-imagined”. Some of the sounds and themes are something you remember when from watching the film, so to change those in anyway can make a noticeable difference. Fortunately, any differences here weren’t enough to take away from the enjoyment of what this is…a re-imagining.

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Soundtrack Review: Let the Right One In


Let the Right One In Soundtrack

Let the Right One In
Release by Moviescore Media
21 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 46 min.
Music composed by Johan Soderqvist

Seeing this movie the first time, the music blended in so well, that I didn’t even realize how effective it was until I had gotten the score and listened to it by itself. Wow.

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