Soundtrack Review: The Devil’s Candy

devil's candy soundtrack

The Devil’s Candy
Released by Death Waltz Recording Co., 2017
18 Tracks with a total running time of 37 min.
Music by Michael Yezerski

Right from the very second this score starts, it grabs you by the core. At first, it might just seem like a loud guitar riff, but it is much more than that, having a strange and eerie quality to it. It definitely gets the listener’s attention.

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Soundtrack Review: Get Out


Get Out
Released by Back Lot Music, 2017
43 Tracks, with a Total Running Time of 60 min.
Music By Michael Abels

This is a very different type of score than what we’re used to listening to. Right from the second track, Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga (Main Title), we hear some vocals that start to create a creepy feeling. But even though Abels stated that he asked by the director to incorporate “distinctly African-American elements without relying on stereotypes”, there are other pieces of music that just are beautiful, no matter what the influences, such as in track 3, Chris & Rose (Love Theme), with a quiet and soothing sounds of (I think) a cello, with some notes and sounds  coming through in the background. Same goes for track 27, Educational Video, which is another quiet and peaceful piece of music.

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Soundtrack Review: Stray Bullets


Stray Bullets
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2017
16 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 33 min.
Music by Jack Fessenden

Being a huge fan of Larry Fessenden, when I saw the name on this score, it had me immediately interested, since I assumed it was a relative of Larry’s. As it turns out, Jack is Larry’s 16-year old son, who has written, directed, co-produced, and edited his first feature film, as well as composing the music as well! Sounds to me that the father has definitely past on his creative talents to his son. I’ve only seen the trailer, but it really looks like an interesting story and the fact that it coming from a 16-year old kid, is even more amazing. But enough of that….let’s get to the score.

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Soundtrack from Green Hell!


Being a movie fan today is just awesome. From the countless cult titles that keep getting released, to more reference books coming out that I can barely keep up, to even soundtracks from pretty obscure films getting released! To prove this statement, you will now be able to enjoy the musical score for the 1957 film Monster from Green Hell, thanks to the fine folks at Kritzerland!

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Soundtrack Review: Mary Reilly


Mary Reilly
Released by Sony Classical, 1996
13 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 45 min.
Music by George Fenton

I’ve been a fan of classic music for a very long time. The funny thing is that what drew me into that style of music was film scores. The more I listened to the classical genre, the more I discovered that there are pieces of music that can have the same emotional impact of a film score, without the visual imagery going along with it. Just the way the notes come together can still have that emotional trigger effect on the human mind. I love that about music in general. So when a piece of film soundtrack, no matter how good or bad the actual film might be, if the music can stand up on its own and still deliver a feeling of emotion, then it works. George Fenton’s score for Mary Reilly is a great example.

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Soundtrack Review: The Bye Bye Man


The Bye Bye Man
Released by Sony Classical, 2016
34 Tracks, with a Total Running Time of 76 min.
Music by The Newton Brothers

This is one somber score. This is not one to put on when you want to get motivated, that is for sure. If you’re looking for one that will slowly take you down a dark and gloomy path, filling your ears with quiet and peaceful sounds…until you start to feel something sinister creeping into your thoughts, then here you go.

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Soundtrack Review: Don’t Breathe


Don’t Breathe
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2016
15 Tracks with a Total Running time of 59 min.
Music by Roque Baños

Typically, I prefer for soundtracks to have a melody, or some sort of musical theme. Not that I have a problem with atmospheric soundscape-type scores since there are plenty that I quite enjoy. But it doesn’t hold a candle opera to a nice classic piece of eerie music. That being said, this score that Baños has created for Don’t Breathe is just incredible.

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