Movie Review: The Eyes of My Mother

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The Eyes of My Mother (2016)
Directed by Nicolas Pesce
Starring Kika Magalhães, Diana Agostini, Olivia Bond, Will Brill, Joey Curtis-Green, Flora Diaz, Paul Nazak

This is one of those films that will definitely leave a mark on the viewer. Whether or not you like what unfolds in front of you, it will be very hard to forget. And isn’t that what we hope from all cinema? Something that has substance and is not easily forgotten a day later? Something that will make you think or get a reaction from you. That is what writer/director Pesce has done here with this film.

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Movie Review: Horror Express


Horror Express (1972)
Directed by Eugenio Martin
Starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, Silvia Tortosa, Julio Peña, Helga Liné, Telly Savalas, George Rigaud, Victor Israel

For any horror fan that is just starting his long journey into the depths of genre, one path that is easy and most followed are the ones that feature certain iconic actors known for their work in the genre, such as names like Karloff, Price, Chaney, Lorre, and of course Cushing and Lee. With the work Cushing and Lee did with Hammer Films, as well as many other genre pics, it gave a young and eager fan plenty of titles to investigate. If you found one of the many films that they both appeared in, then it was an even better deal!


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Movie Review: Return of the Killer Shrews


Return of the Killer Shrews (2012)
Directed by Steve Latshaw
Starring James Best, John Schneider, Bruce Davison, Jennifer Lyons, Jason Shane Scott, Rick Hurst, Sean Flynn

It is a well known fact that I am not the biggest fan of newer low budget films. They tend not to be too creative in using their small budget. But over the last couple of years, I have seen a few movies that were really giving me hope for these types of films. Titles like Dead Weight, Found, The Invoking (formally known as Sader Ridge), and the more recent Resolution, really have shown me that there are still talented people out there that are concerned about a good story, quality acting, and using the money they have to the fullest extent, turning out really decent movies. And when the money is not there, creative imagination comes into play to make the most of it.

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Movie Review: Harpoon – Whale Watching Massacre


Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre (2009)
Directed by Júlíus Kemp
Starring Gunnar Hansen, Pihla Viitala, Nae, Terence Anderson, Aymen Hamdouchi, Carlos Takeshi, Miwa Yanagizawa, Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir, Guðlaug Ólafsdóttir, Snorri Engilbertsson, Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir, Helgi Björnsson, Guðrún Gísladóttir

When I first was told about this movie, that it was a slasher film that takes place on a whaling boat in Iceland, and that it was the “best Icelandic slasher movie on a boat ever made”, it kind of gets one’s attention, even as absurd as it might sound. I mean, even the title alone tells you what it is. But you know, it really is the best Icelandic slasher movie on a boat ever made!

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Movie Review: Hardware


Hardware (1990)
Directed by Richard Stanley
Starring Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, John Lynch, William Hootkins

“No Flesh Shall Be Spared.” – Mark 13

“The worst possible drug trip.” That is how director Richard Stanley described his first movie. For me, I tend to use the description of “visually stunning” when I start any discussion of Stanley’s debut. Each time I watch this film, I come across something new or totally different that I hadn’t noticed before. Stanley’s look of the future is very bleak and dismal, but probably a good warning for one that is not too far off.


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Movie Review: Psychomania

Psychomania (1973)
Directed by Don Sharp
Starring George Sanders, Beryl Reid, Nicky Henson, Mary Larkin, Roy Holder, Robert Hardy, Patrick Holt, Denis Gilmore, Ann Michelle, Miles Greenwood, Peter Whitting, Rocky Taylor

The film, also known as The Death Wheelers, is about a biker gang that call themselves The Living Dead, that tools around England causing the usually sort of trouble like forcing cars off the road and just being royal pains. But their leader Tom is getting bored with the normal stuff. In fact, he often thinks of doing something really wild like killing himself. When he learns a little secret from his mother, that if you really believe that you’ll come back when you kill yourself, you will. It’s apparently that simple. Even better though is when you do rise from the grave, you can’t die and seem to be super strong. So he convinces the rest of his gang to follow his lead, in usually interesting ways.


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Movie Review: Wake Wood


Wake Wood (2011)
Directed by David Keating
Starring Aidan Gillen, Eva Birthistle, Timothy Spall, Ella Connolly, Ruth McCabe, Brian Gleeson, Amelia Crowley, Dan Gordon, Tommy McArdle

There had been so many times over the years that we’d heard that Hammer Films, the famous British studio, was rising from the grave, like so many of the creatures they put in their movies. So many times in fact, that most serious horror fans didn’t pay too much attention to the latest announcement. And even if the studio did resurrect itself, would it be able to really continue the incredible work that its forefather did before it? But then in 2007, it really did happen. Hammer Films was back. Granted, it really was in name only for the most part, since all of the original members of the studio are long since retired, passed away, or just forgotten. But the new CEO promised to not forget about its heritage and to continue the work they had started. We all know there would be no way to bring back the style and feel of those films from yesteryear. Or could there?

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