Mystery Photo 9-18

Yes, I will admit that our last photo was inspired from meeting the great Clint Howard at the HorrorHound convention last weekend. Such a class act. The film of course is Evilspeak (1981) and is such a lot of fun. I mean, how could it not when you contact Satan on an old computer? Good times! Kudos the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Aaron Christensen, Ken Johnson, Doug Lamoreux, Dustin Moravich, William Wilson, and Greg Wojick.

So this week’s photo is posted below and yet another woman in distress? A theme perhaps? Maybe. But do you know where this is from? If so, then send your answer in an email to Don’t post them here, so others can have a guess.

Good Luck!


Mystery Photo 9-11

Sorry for the delay in today’s update with the Mystery Photo, but still recuperating from the HorrorHound Weekend. But back to business. Wait…that was business too…never mind.

So…our photo from last week was from one of my favorite Hammer films, Seth Holt’s 1960 chiller Scream of Fear (also known as Taste of Fear). If you haven’t seen this one, it really is a must. Don’t read anything about it, but just find it and watch it! Kudos out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Kuba Haczek, Troy Howarth, Doug Lamoreux, and Michael Shields. Well done, folks!

Okay, so let us now get to this week’s photo. Might be really easy…or not. But hopefully you have fun thinking about it. Everyone can use a little fun on a Monday, right? And remember, as always, please do not post your answers here, so others can have a try. Send them instead to me in an email to Good luck!


Mystery Photo 9-4

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones that have today off. If not, you have my condolences! I do, which is why this is getting posted a little later than normal. But let us get to it, shall we? Last week’s photo was from Oliver Stone’s feature debut, the 1974 film Seizure, starring Martine Beswick, Jonathon Frid, and Mary Woronov. The only one to send in the correct answer was Troy Howarth. Well done!

Now onto this week’s photo. Going back to black and white films again so take a close look and good luck!

Please remember not to post your answers here, but send them in an email to


Mystery Photo 8-28

I’ve been kind of out of it this last week, so if anybody out there did send in their guess for last week’s Mystery Photo and I don’t have them listed here, I do apologize. But trust me, its not the first time I’ve done it, nor the last. It happens. But I do know that both Hoby Abernathy, Bryan Martinez, and Troy Howarth all sent in the correct answer, which was from Mario Bava’s Kill Baby Kill, which we just had the pleasure of seeing on the big screen last weekend in Chicago. Great time and great flick.

So this week’s photo might be a little tougher. Really depends on whether you recognize the woman in the photo. Either way, good luck!

As always, please remember not to post your answers here, so others can have a try. Just send them to us in an email to


Mystery Photo 8-21

Okay, when I can stump even the great Hoby Abernathy, then I know I’ve picked a pretty tough mystery photo. That’s right, nobody sent in the correct answer on this one, though a few did have a good guess. And if you didn’t get it, I don’t think you should feel too bad about it, nor would I suggest you run out and find and watch this flick. It was from the 1978 film Doctor Dracula, which Al Adamson co-directed. Great movie? Uh…no. Worth watching…uh….that’s on you.

So this week’s photo might be a little easier, especially if you’ve been paying attention to my recent posts. There’s a hint if you ever needed one. That should make up for this last one! Good luck!


Mystery Photo 8-14

Last week’s photo seemed to be a big hit with everyone, getting a lot of correct answers sent in. Well done! The memorable shot was from one of my favorites, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, which you can see his face just behind the plastic he’s holding up. Kudos out to the following: Hoby Abernathy, Dave Fronto, Richard Garcia, Bill Harrison, Troy Howarth, Jim Towns, and Mark Turner.

Okay, this week’s photo is going to be a bit tougher. In fact, I’ll be shocked if anybody can come up with this one. Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? So let’s see who might recognize it. Good luck!


Mystery Photo 7-31

That time again, folks. Time to start the new week once again. But before we get back into the grind, let’s take a peek at this week’s photo. But before we do that, let us review last week’s photo! It was from Lamberto Bava’s 1987 giallo Delirium. Great cast in that one! Kudos to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Troy Howarth, and Bryan Martinez.

Now to get to this week’s photo. I found this one just hanging around so I thought I’d use it! So take a good look and see if you can identify the film. Good luck!

As always please remember not to post your answers here, so others can have a chance at it. Just send them to us in an email to