Want to Win Tickets for the Music Box of Horrors???

dark waters 1

This Saturday, the Music Box of Horrors returns, with a slew of devilish pleasures for the die-hard horror fans! They have a dozen titles on deck to give 24-hours of terror, with all but one of the features being screened from either 16mm or 35mm. The only one in a digital format is the first Midwest screening ever of Mariano Baino’s 1993 film Dark Waters, with the director appearing for a Q&A and signing (for FREE)! This is indeed a rare screening to get to see an incredibly atmospheric movie with some strange nuns hiding a terrible evil. Add in some amazing horror vendors, food trucks, and so much more fun, how could you want to pass this up!

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Living the Dream at the Drive-In


This last Saturday, we were at the Midway Drive-In in Dixon, IL, for their annual From Dusk to Dawn Horrorfest, set up out in front of the concessions, like we usually are. Now usually in September when these are held, the only part of the weather we usually have to worry about is if it might rain or not. Thankfully, there was not even a chance of rain in the forecast. Instead, it was a bit warmer than normal. In fact, record breaking temps hitting 91 degrees. And it felt like it too. Would it be too hot for anyone to want to come out and celebrate the great films they were showcasing? Would they come out early enough to shop with us vendors and hang out? Or if they were planning to come out, would they just get there right as dusk in time for the films? We would soon have the answer to that.

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TCM Celebrates Horror History!

Back in the old VHS days, years before just about every film was available at your fingertips, like so many other horror fans, I’d be waiting for the latest TV guide or cable guide to come out around this time of year to see what titles were going to be screening, hoping to see some lost classic finally being screened that had eluded me thus far.  I can vividly remembering being so ecstatic when I started to record William Castle’s Mr. Sardonicus that was being broadcast on TNT and seeing the introduction intact. Yes, it really is those little things in life that make it special. So when we came across the huge listing of titles that TCM will be airing throughout the month of October, it brought a little tear of remembrance to my eyes.

Mr. Sardonicus

First of all the fact that these are all airing without commercials is cool enough as it is. But the fact the huge number and variety of titles that are listed here, you really can get a huge horror history lesson throughout the month. There are a ton of iconic titles that will be playing, as well as some that are a little more obscure. None the less, if you have TCM, I would strongly suggest you go through this list and double check to make sure there aren’t any here that you’ve missed. And if so, mark your calendar and make sure you don’t miss out!

You can also check out the complete listing HERE on their website.

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Music Box of Horrors Unleash More Titles

With only a month to go, the Music Box Theater announced on their website more titles for their upcoming 24-hour marathon, known as the Music Box of Horrors, as well as a special guest announcement.


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Cinepocalypse Announces Titles

Cinepocalypse Graphic

Cinepocalypse, which is taking place Nov. 2nd to the 9th, at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre, has announced a slew of titles scheduled to play this year. But before we get to those, they have also announced that Writer/Director Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Smokin’ Aces, The A-Team) as guest programmer, Simon Barrett as the guest host, with a special appearance by cult legend Eric Roberts, who will take part in a very special recording of Doug Tilley adn Liam O’Donnell’s podcast “Eric Roberts is the Fucking Man”.

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Super Monster Movie Fest 2017


Over the last weekend in August, we made our annual trip down to the Skyline Drive-In, located in Shelbyville, Indiana, which is just about 30 minutes south of Indianapolis, for the 6th Annual Super Monster Movie Fest. This is our fourth year going down there for this. We were at the very first one in 2012, but missed the next two. But starting in 2015, we’ve made it every year since and hope to continue that tradition. In fact, another tradition might have started this year. Usually, it is my wife Dawn and/or my son Nick making the trip out with me. Last year, Dawn couldn’t make it, so it was just me and Nick, which we decided to forgo the hotel room and just sleep in the van. Since it only got down to a tepid 70 degrees at night, I wouldn’t recommend that. The van smelled like a gym locker for about a week afterwards. But this time, not only was Dawn coming with, but Nick decided that he was going to get a group of his friends and drive down on their own. So I guess I really planted the love of the drive-in in him. Makes a father proud.

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