Cinepocalypse Unleashes Lineup for 2019

Cinepocalypse 2019 banner2Cinepocalypse, the genre film festival taking place at Chicago’s own Music Box Theater has unleashed it’s lineup of films and special guests for this year’s event. Starting on Thursday, June 13th, and running thru June 20th, the festival will have 8 days of features, shorts, events and guests, including 8 world premieres.

Some of the highlights right off the bat would be the world premiere of Verotika, Glenn Danzig’s directorial debut, which is opening the festival, with Danzig in attendance! Director Joel Schumacher will also be in attendance for screenings of Falling Down (1993) and Flatliners (1990), and will be there for Q&As after the screenings. Actor Michael Ironside will be there to receive Cinepocalypse’s annual achievement award, who has contributed to so many genre pics over the years. He will accept this award after a 70mm screening of Total Recall (1990).

You can get the entire list of films and when they are playing by heading over to the Music Box website HERE.

Super Monster Movie Fest 2019


Super Monster Movie Fest 2019 banner

Last year we missed this event, which really bummed me out, especially since they were doing Jaws and water terrors theme. But this year, we definitely am going to make it. Why you ask? Even when they haven’t announced any of the titles? Well first of all… it’s a 2 full-filled evenings at the Drive-in? What could better than that? Oh yeah, maybe with the theme being: Man Created Monster. Hmmm… do you think there might be a Frankenstein film in there somewhere? One can only hope.

I am very interested to see what kind of titles they are going to spring on us, but we’ll announced them here once they do list them. I know we will be there once again to enjoy the films, eat a corn dog or two, and have a great time. Why not come out and join us.

This event takes place on Aug. 23rd & 24th, at the Skyline Drive-in, located in Shelbyville, Indiana, it’s just about 20-30 minutes south of Indianapolis. Start making your plans now to attend. You won’t be disappointed.

At the Drive-In Documentary

Readers of the Krypt know of my love for the drive-in theaters and also my continued hope to get more people to go out and support the few that are still around. With the recent news that one of our local drive-ins, The Cascade in West Chicago, IL, will not be opening back up this year due to the property owners didn’t want them to open again, putting the land up for sale, has really bummed me out. Then I hear about this new documentary coming out called At the Drive-In, and it gives me hope.

This documentary about one The Mahoning Drive-In, located in Lehighton, PA, which has been running since 1949. In 2014, when the movie studios went completely digital, it forced theaters to even spend the $50,000 on a digital projector, or not play new titles. The Mahoning couldn’t afford to buy a new projector and have decided to keep playing older titles that are still available on 35mm. This documentary is about that time when they weren’t sure what they were going to do. Check out the trailer below.

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April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama

The Riverside Drive-In Theater has announced the lineup for this year’s April Ghouls Drive-In Monster-Rama and once again, it’s a doozy! I know, I know… I’m always preaching about the drive-in experience. But I tell you, if you haven’t been to the drive-in, you really are missing out. And if you’ve never been to one of these all-night horror marathons, then you are really missing out. So make that a challenge for 2019. Whether it be at the Riverside in PA, the Skyline in IN, the Midway in IL, or any other drive-in theater in the US, just make it happen!

Okay enough preaching. Just check out the lineup below and see if this doesn’t make you want to change your mind. For more information, just click HERE.

Drive-in Monster-Rama April 2019

Cinepocalypse 2019

Cinepocalypse 2019 banner

The Music Box Theatre in Chicago has already announced the dates for next year’s Cinepocalypse, which was recently named a top genre festival by MovieMaker Magazine. They had over 50 films playing at this year’s festival, with 9 world premieres, not to mention all the special guests that attended the event. While they haven’t announced any features just yet, with the path they’ve been on the last two years, 2019 should be just as epic. It will take place June 13th-20th. Mark your calendar.

Speaking of epic, if you purchase your tickets before January 1st, you can get an All Access Pass for only $100. If you break that down to another 50 features, that’s only $2 a movie. How can you beat that?!?! But you only have a few more weeks, so don’t delay. After the first of the year, they go up to $150 a ticket, so get them now! Or better yet, put it on your Christmas list, or maybe purchase a pass for that fellow horror film fiend. Sure would make an awesome holiday gift!

For all the information about the event, just click HERE.

Naschy’s Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror in 3D!!!

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror 3D

Folks in the New York city area, tomorrow you have the chance to see a rare screening of Naschy’s debut of his Waldemar Daninsky character, in the 1968 film Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (or at least the version that was later released here in the states) in 3D, thanks to the wonderful people at Garagehouse Pictures.

At the Quad Cinema tomorrow at 3:05pm, in part of their special 3-D festival, you’ll get to see this amazing film like very few people have had the opportunity. Sam Sherman, the man really responsible for bringing Naschy’s name to the states when he bought this film for distribution here, will be there for the screening.

Sure, this is a little short notice, but if you’re in that area, I wouldn’t pass up this chance. I mean, Naschy in 3-D??? I’m still hopeful that this print will make it’s way out to the Midwest at some point. But in the meantime, you East-coasters better take advantage of it!

For more information about the screening, just click HERE.

Music Box of Horrors 2018

MBoH2018 marquee1

Chicago’s Music Box Theatre has been hosting these 24-hour marathons since 2005, and I have been at every one of them. There were a few times I was just there as a fan to watch the movies, but usually I’m there as a vendor. When I am set up as a vendor, part of me always regrets not just coming as a fan and being able to enjoy watching the films instead of staying behind my table. Sure, with my wife Dawn there, I could always sneak out to catch a  film or two, but I usually feel bad about leaving her there to watch the table alone. Plus, I always feel I might miss something. We also usually pack and leave somewhere around 2am, figuring sales are usually low or non-existent by then. But this time out, things were a little different. Continue reading