WildClaw Theatre’s Deathscribe Returns!

Martian landscape with the highway to the mountainsChicago’s own WildClaw Theatre returns next month with Deathscribe: HELLeven! If you’re not familiar with what Deathscribe is, just picture reading a short little horror story. But instead of you reading it, it is sort of like if you were listening to it on the radio! With over 200 entries, WildClaw has narrowed it down to the final five finalists, and now will take their stories and turn them into radio plays, that are brought to life in front of the audience, with full sound effects with a live Foley on stage! We were at the very first Deathscribe and it was pretty incredible. Not only were the stories really good, but hearing them come alive on stage was even more incredible.

Here are the final five:

  • Floris by Ben Huffman & William Andrew Lewis, directed by Jose Nateras
  • The Forbidden Room by Nikkita Duke, directed by Jyreika Guest
  • Migraine by Skyler Schrempp, directed by Spenser Davis
  • Subject # 9 by Tim Griffin, directed by Elizabeth Lovelady
  • Whisper Trigger by Dan Finnen & Sarah Gise, directed by Tara Branham

This even takes place on Monday, December 3rd, at 8pm, at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. For all the details about the event, and to order your tickets, head over to the WildClaw Theatre’s page HERE. Hope to see you there!


Happy Halloween!


From all of us at the Krypt, here’s to a great and safe Halloween! It has been an amazing time this last month, with plenty of conventions, movie screenings, and marathon madness. Every year I am shocked at how packed our October is but I wouldn’t give it up and relish every moment. If you were part of this madness I was involved in, I thank you! And let’s plan to do it all again next year!

Hammer Horror Soundtracks!


Coming in 2019, Hammer fans will finally get the complete scores from Horror of Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein, created by the late, great James Bernard. The scores have been reconstructed by Leigh Phillips, with booklet notes by David Huckvale, and produced by James Fitzpatrick and Leigh Phillips. They will be created through the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nic Raine.

To say that I’m excited to see these two scores finally get a release is a slight understatement. Hopefully they can get the right sound and feel of the originals, but I know I’ll be adding them to my audio library once they come out. Once I hear more info, I will pass it on here.

Onetti Brothers’ Abrakadabra!

Back in 2015, Luciano and Nicolas Onetti gave us Francesca, a giallo made with the same look and style of those classic Italian films of the ’70s. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, you probably wouldn’t have known this was not only a made recently, but also by a crew that mainly consisted of these two brothers! Their talent is pure amazing.

And now, we have their new film, entitled Abrakadabra. Check out the trailer below.

McFarland Book Sale 25% Off!


How could I not post something about this huge book sale that the scholarly publisher, McFarland is having a 25% off all their horror related books! If you check out our Horror Reference Book reviews, you’ll find more than a few McFarland titles. That’s mainly because they continue to put out high quality editions. Yes, they normally are a bit pricy, but now is your chance to save a good chunk of change of some of these.

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Williams’ Dracula Special Edition Release

Dracula special edition

One of the very first film scores that hooked me was that of John Williams’ score for the 1979 version of Dracula, starring Frank Langella. It was also one of the first soundtrack LPs I bought back in the day, being every bummed that it just wasn’t that long of a score. But now all of that is going to change, thanks to Varèse Sarabande.

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Notes from the Krypt…

As you’d expect, this is a busy month for us. With events going on every weekend, not to mention coming into Chicago every Monday for something as well, the days are just flying by. Not a bad thing, mind you, but really tough to squeeze in some good horror flicks with all this going on. But this is the path we choose, right?

my bloody valentine1


Last weekend, we were in Strongsville, OH for the 18th year at Cinema Wasteland. Hard to believe it has been going on that long and still continues to be a great time. The draw this year was for a reunion for a favorite of mine, the original My Bloody Valentine (1981) and the Q&A was very informative and entertaining. Although I must admit being a little depressed when they asked a packed room right before the screening of the film, just how many people there have never seen the film before, and about two thirds of the room raised their hands. I would have thought this would have been key film to watch during your slasher education. Or at least, if you were going to a convention that the main guest lineup was a cast reunion from a film you hadn’t seen…that you’d watch it before the show! Sorry…Old Man Kitley is coming out again. Times for my meds.

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