More Hammer Figures from Mego

Just when I was content with not getting into collecting a lot of these horror action figures or collectible figures, I hear about some of these Hammer figures that Mego is now putting out. These are all 8″ figures that pre-orders are being taken now. The two they announced last week were for The Gorgon and The Mummy. Which, while they were not bad looking and only priced at $20 each, it didn’t make me change my mind on having to collect them.

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Monster Bash Next Weekend!!!

Next weekend, we’re heading back to Mars, PA for the return of the Monster Bash Conference, taking place on October 22nd to the 24th! It has been two years since their last show, and we are so excited to be making our own return. We always have so much fun there and are looking to do it all over once again. Since this is our last show of the year, so we want to make it one mother of a show!

They have an incredible guest list slated for this show, one that I’m especially excited about. That would be Victoria Vetri, who happened to star in Hammer’s When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970), which means I can add one more autograph to my Hammer Filmography book. This will be the 17th signature from people that worked with the famous Studio that Dripped Blood. As you can imagine, this book is a very prized title in my library, especially since quite a few that have signed it has passed away since then.

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Little Shoppe of Horrors Salutes The Gorgon

The latest issue of the long running (and best magazine devoted to all things Hammer) is now out and available to order. This issue tackles Hammer’s 1964 film The Gorgon, starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Barbara Shelley, with the article Reflections of Fear: The Making of The Gorgon by Joshua Kennedy.

Within the pages, you’ll also find the article Cut Me a Robe from Toe to Lobe … Give Me a Skin for Dancing In: The Making of The Witches by Bruce G. Hallenbeck, as well as an article on the star of that film, Joan Fontaine. There is also an article on Don Houghton, the screenwriter of the modern day Dracula films Hammer made in the early to mid ’70s, by David Gee.

Like with any issue of Little Shoppe of Horrors, every page is a delight and filled with great stuff. Head over to their website HERE to order your copy now. And if you want to know more about Hammer, just pick up some of their back issues that are readily available.

What’s YOUR Halloween Season Favorite?

I know as horror fans we watch these films all year round. But there is something about October that we seem not only double our efforts when it comes to scary screenings, but I know there are a few titles that we all have that we bust out each and ever October. Could be a childhood favorite? One that really hit home with us around holiday? Or one that just fits the mood of Halloween and is something you need to watch at least once a year.

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New Short Film from Adam Ciolfi

Back in January of last year, I became aware of stop-animation filmmaker Adam Ciolfi. I’ve always been impressed with anybody who is crazy enough to work in this field, but one of the things that has impressed me with Ciolfi’s work beyond the stop-animation, is that he designs and creates all of his own sets, which is just freaking amazing.

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The Crow Deluxe Soundtrack

When I first saw Alex Proyas’ 1994 film The Crow, starring Brandon Lee in his final tragic performance, I immediately feel in love with the movie. While the film is filled with loud music, violence, and a wide assortment of very bad characters, I couldn’t get past the sadness of it all. Granted, Lee’s death during the final days of filming hovered over the film like gloomy dark cloud, and still does to this day, it is also the story the film tells on one hand is a bit of a downer, but there is still a glimmer of hope.

One of the things that helps bring those feelings is the score that Graeme Revell did for it. While there is some music in there, like from Stone Temple Pilots, it is Revell’s score that really captured the emotions on screen. I immediately picked up the soundtrack when it came out and relived the film over and over again, each time I listened to it. But now, we’re going to have the chance to hear and experience even more.

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Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster

On October 26th, this new documentary on one of the greatest icons of the horror genre will be available on Digital and On Demand from Shout! Studios. You’ll get to hear from names like Guillermo del Toro, John Landis, Joe Dante, Christopher Plummer, Ron Perlman, Peter Bogdanovich, Roger Corman, Christopher Frayling, and many, many more, all in honor of this great man. Check out the trailer below and mark your calendar for the 26th!

Mystery Photo 10-4

Late once again, but here it is nonetheless. I blame Cinema Wasteland for making me so damn tired today. Even though we weren’t vending there, we still had one hell of a time and came home pretty worn out! Still got a lot of other things I’m working on here, but I wanted to make sure I get a new photo posted. But first, our photo from last week. It was from After Midnight, the 2019 film that starred Jeremy Gardner, who also wrote it and co-directed it! It’s a great little film that is very suspenseful and definitely a must see. And what a perfect time to watch it, huh? Kudos to Bryan Martinez and Gary McGuire for sending in the correct answer.

This week’s photo might be a little easier to figure out. But we’ll see. Just remember to send me your guess, to Good Luck!