Discover the Horror Podcast – Episode 39: William Girdler

3 on a Meathook (1972), Grizzly (1976), & Day of the Animals (1977). Director William Girdler is a name that some horror fans might know some of his work, but probably don’t know a lot about the man himself, or maybe don’t realize how many great films he produced in a very short time, before his untimely death. 9 movies in only 6 years, and one of them being the most successful independent film for the time, which head that record until John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). In this episode we cover one of his earlier films, as well as two of his most popular ones, or ones that might be more familiar with your average fan. But we invite you to listen up and even rewatch them and see if you don’t agree with us that William Girdler was much more than a low budget independent filmmaker, but one that consistently turned-out entertaining pictures.

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Titles mentioned in this episode:

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Rondo Time Once Again

The nominations for the Rondo Awards have been announced, with plenty of great names and titles to be voting on. Remember, for most of the nominees, what they are being praised for is done out of passion and love for the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, classic monsters, or whatever genre you want to call it, but it is what we all share the same passion with. Winning one of these awards would not only help put their name on the map but give them a little assurance of what they are doing actually means something. So, take a few minutes to go through the list of nominations and send in your vote. You can see the whole list and all the info you need to vote by going to the official website by clicking HERE.

Now, I do have to take a few seconds to mention that my column in HorrorHound magazine, They Came from the Krypt, has been nominated for Best Column, so I would love to have your vote.

Plus, it seems our little podcast endeavor, Discover the Horror, that I do along with my good friends and fellow deviants, Damien Glonek and Aaron AuBuchon, has been nominated for Best Podcast as well. So again, we’d love to get your vote.

And while I would never tell you to vote for another podcast besides our’s, S.A. Bradley’s Hellbent for Horror is a bit of alright as well!

Another personal note, another good friend of mine, Gavin Schmitt, has his book Karl Freund: The Life and Films, has been nominated as well. So maybe give him a consideration as well!

But seriously, take a few minutes, go through the list and vote from the heart. If you don’t know anything in that category, just skip it. You don’t have to vote in everything, but just the ones you know.

A Bookseller’s Quandary . . .

As we get closer to starting our 2023 Kryptic World Tour, there is something that has been on my mind for more than a few months that I feel the need to get it out there.

Those of you out there that know me from conventions, know that I mainly deal in horror reference books. It is one of my strong passions as a horror fan, and love being one of the few dealers at the horror conventions that deal in them. I love being able to get a book out there to another fan, handing over the potential to learn more about a particular actor or film.

But the times are a changing, as they say.

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Must Have Box Sets

You got to give some major props to these smaller boutique labels like Vinegar Syndrome, Synapse Films, and so many more, that keep putting out some rare titles that are either out-of-print on DVD or maybe never even been released in a digital format before. Today saw the announcement of two different box sets that I’m pretty excited about. One of the sets, I already all the titles, but upgrading to Blu-ray, especially with all the extras, it’s a no-brainer.

But let’s get to the first one that I’m most excited about. Today Severin Films announced Danza Macabra: The Italian Gothic Collection – Volume 1! For someone that is a huge Euro-Horror fan, especially the gothic horror titles, I’m very excited about this one. Coming out at the end of May, this box set will contain 4 features: The Monster of the Opera (1964), The Seventh Grave (1965), Scream of the Demon Lover (1970), and finally, Lady Frankenstein (1971), each one packed with extras.

The Monster of the Opera has a new 2K scan from the original negative, and will include audio commentary by Kat Ellinger, author of Daughters of Darkness. It will also have interviews with screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, Italian film devotee Mark Thompson-Ashworth, and an archival interview with director Renato Polselli.

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Julia vs Julia

A short time ago, I posted about the upcoming release of The Haunting of Julia on Blu-ray from the Australian company, Imprint Films. Shortly after that I was told that Shout Factory had also announced to release this film here in the states. But there are some dramatic differences between the two releases, which really has me in a quandary. We’ve waited decades for this film to get an actual release and now that we do, we get two of them!

As previously posted, the one from Imprint film has their presentation in a new 1080p High-Definition presentation on Blu-ray from a 4K scan from the original negative. But the Shout Factory release is a 4k UHD presentation.

The only extra it seems on the Shout Factory disc, if you order from them directly, is a 18×24 rolled poster of the theatrical artwork.

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The Haunting of Julia to Hit Blu-Ray

Before the success of the 1981 adaptation of Peter Straub’s 1979 novel Ghost Story, and earlier novel simply called Julia, published in 1975, was made into a film called Full Circle, but was released over here in the states under the title The Haunting of Julia. Mia Farrow stars as a recently separated woman who is struggling to regain her life back after the death of her young daughter. She moves to London to start that new life, but the place she picks seems to have another presence there, one of a young girl. Also starring Keir Dullea, Tom Conti, Jill Bennett & Robin Gammell.

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Intrada Goes to The Funhouse

Tobe Hooper’s 1981flick The Funhouse was a nice combination between a slasher film and a monster movie and pretty entertaining. The score from John Beal, was originally released in a version that only ran 38 minutes. But now, thanks to Intrada, we’re getting the complete score, along with another half hour of extras and alternate musical tracks, all remastered from the 24-track session tapes!

The total running time for this release is over 77 minutes, which is going to make any fan of this movie and it’s score very happy. Priced at $21.99, you can order your copy either directly from Intrada HERE or from Screen Archives Entertainment HERE, which is where I usually get my soundtracks from. They have a huge selection and good prices.

Vinegar Syndrome Unleashes Curucu!

Now what exactly is the big deal that Vinegar Syndrome is releasing a film that is rated at a 3.7 on IMDB? Could it be because that Curucu, Beast of the Amazon, an extremely rare film, had never gotten a release on DVD or even VHS? Or maybe because it was written and directed by Curt Siodmak, who wrote countless classics like The Wolf Man (1941) or Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)? Or maybe because it stars Beverly Garland, a favorite amongst fans of the sci-fi / horror films of the ’50s? Or maybe because the main character’s name is Rock Dean! Or maybe it is simply because VS has found this almost lost film, taken the time to make a newly scanned and restored print in 2K from its 35mm dupe negative and saved this title from becoming another one of those lost films. I say for that alone, VS deserves our gratitude!

Now I had a bootleg copy of this on VHS, that not only was in black and white, but the quality was so bad that I never could get through it! When I saw the trailer and the quality of the print, I was blown away. Sure, this is not supposed to be that great of a movie. Doesn’t matter. With a title like Curucu, Beast of the Amazon, with some freaking amazing poster art, plus with some of the people involved in it, I know there will be a copy in my collection. We all know that a lot of the older movies never lived up to the hype the posters and trailers made it out to be, but we still enjoyed them. I know I can’t wait to finally get to see this, in a print quality that probably looks the best it has since its initial release!

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Silver Bullet Soundtrack Arrives!

Jay Chattaway’s score for the 1985 film Silver Bullet, an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1983 novella Cycle of the Werewolf, is finally coming to CD, in a much longer edition than before. Originally, it was released on LB and CD, but just over 30 minutes of music, just highlights. But now, Intrada has taken the original session masters from the Paramount vaults, reassembled and sequenced them in the order of the film, and now runs close to an hour.

Priced at $21.99, which a bit pricy, but I’ve already ordered mine. Not only am I a sucker for soundtracks, I’m also a big fan of Chattaway’s scores, especially the one he did for Maniac (1980), plus, I do remember this being a fun little flick.

You can order it directly from Intrada HERE, or head over to Screen Archives HERE, which is where I tend to get a LOT of my soundtracks from.

Beast Creatures Come to Blu-Ray!

Decades ago, in the time of video stores, seeing a big clamshell VHS tape was an easy way to get a young film fan’s attention, especially when they were looking for something a little different. It was during one of those trips that I came across Attack of the Beast Creatures on the World Video Pictures label. I rented it but had no idea what I was in for. I had always been a huge fan of Dan Curtis’ Trilogy of Terror, mainly due to the segment with the little Zuni doll running around trying to kill Karen Black. What I didn’t expect with Beast Creatures was that it is basically a whole island full of these types of monsters! While not the “best” made production, it is damn entertaining and just so much fun. A lot of hard work, and heart and soul went into this production, and it shows.

Back in 2018, I added this title to our Turkey Day line up and it was one of the favorites of the day. For those that don’t know what you’re going into, it almost makes it even better.

Now I see that Vinegar Syndrome has announced they are putting this out on Blu-ray! Of course, I immediately ordered it. This new release has been restored from the original theatrical version of the 16mm camera negative, so this is going to be the best it has looked since its initial release. As much fun that VHS copy was, the print is still pretty rough, so I can’t wait to see this upgrade. The release also features a partial commentary with director Mike Stanley, as well as interviews with him and writer Robert Hutton, and some test footage. It also lists a preservation of the VHS version from the 1″ tape master, so not sure if that means the theatrical version is different from the VHS version? We shall soon find out!

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