Synapse Awakens Sleeping Corpses


One of the first real over-the-top gory zombie films to be inspired by Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) was released  6 years afterwards, directed by a Spanish filmmaker, but shot in England. It is also known by more than a few titles. I can remember looking it up in Phil Hardy’s Encyclopedia of Film and trying to figure out just what the real title was! Well, we are talking about Jorge Grau’s 1974 No profanar el sueño de los Muertos, which has been announced to be released on Blu-ray by Synapse Films this September. Continue reading

Soundtrack Review: From Beyond

From_BeyondFrom Beyond
Released 2003 by La-La Land Records
13 Tracks, with a total running time of 46:06 min.
Music composed by Richard Band

At my very first horror convention, back in 1988 which took place in California, I had picked up the soundtrack for this on LP and I immediately fell in love with it. Composer Richard Band created a score that has a perfect combination of a science feel but still being able to create some very creepy elements to it. I was very bummed when I got rid of my albums and had to wait more than a few years for this to get an official release on CD, which I picked up right when it came out. Continue reading

Little Shoppe of Horrors #44

LSoH44The latest issue of THE best Hammer magazine out there, Little Shoppe of Horrors, is taking orders for issue # 44, which is covering The Hound of the Baskervilles, as well as The Stranglers of Bombay and The Terror of the Tongs.

As with all issues of LSoH, there is plenty of great material here,  written by some of the best Hammer scholars, such as Denis Meikle and Bruce G. Hallenbeck.

David J. Miller has an article on Hammer’s DP Jack Asher, called He Painted with Light, as well as coverage on the new Dracula BBC series.

With another stunning cover by Mark Maddox, as well as other amazing art and illustrations inside, it doesn’t take long to realize why this magazine has been going for close to 50 years. Every issues is always a real treat.

You can order your copy now by going to their site HERE. Especially during these strange times, the creators of magazines like this need your support! 

Movie Review: The Projected Man (1966)


The Projected Man (1966)
Directed by Ian Curteis
Starring Bryant Haliday, Mary Peach, Norman Woodlan, Ronald Allen, Derek Farr, Tracey Crips, Derrick De Marney

This was a title that was pretty tough to come across, mainly because it took forever for it to get a release over here in the states. But we all knew the title because it was the second half of a double bill with Island of Terror, which came out the same year. While it is now available on Blu-ray, my first experience with is was from an import DVD release. It was one of those titles that I really wanted to see because I was a fan of the star Bryant Haliday from his roles in Tower of Evil (1972) and Devil Doll (1964), plus the fact that it was one of those (at the time) rare titles I wanted to check off my list. Continue reading

Discover the Horror Book Still Available!

Just a little friendly reminder, if you’re looking for something to read during these stay-at-home days, I do have copies of my first book, Discover the Horror still available for purchase. Just click on the book image directly to the right here and that will give you all the information needed. You can always order it from Amazon, but if you order it from me, I will gladly sign it, at no extra cost!

Also, if you have already got a copy and have read it, if you haven’t already, please take a few minutes and post a review on Amazon. It helps with the circulation. It would be much appreciated.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Naschy Worship!

putrid-NaschyWolfmanAs many conventions and movie events that I’d go to every year, it was pretty rare when I would see someone wearing a Paul Naschy T-Shirt. For two reasons really. While he had a strong following, it wasn’t as strong as it should be. Plus, even more important, there just hardly any Naschy shirts available. So I decided to try and change that and had my friend and uber talented artist Putrid (aka Matt Carr) do an original Naschy piece for me that I could put on some T-shifts, which is the artwork on the right.

I did sell out of them, but it did take a few years. But starting sometime after that, I would start to see more and more. Granted, with some of the DVDs and Blu-ray releases of his films coming out, his fan base started to grow. Anytime I saw a Naschy shirt, I would always pick one up. Of course, due to the talented work of Gerardo Moreno and the Official Paul Naschy Shop (just click HERE), there are plenty of designs to choose from! And as you can see from the photo below, I have more than a few Naschy shirts now in my collection. In fact, I can wear a different shirt each day for over 2 weeks!!!

So whenever the shows do start back up, I hope to see more and more fans out there wearing their Naschy shirt with pride, no matter which one it is! I know I will be!

Naschy shirt collection

What’s Your Favorite…Turkey!


Followers of this site know of my bi-annual tradition of the Turkey Day Marathon, which is always a lot of fun. There really is something to be said about a film that might have tried so hard to be good, but just missed the bullseye. Or in some cases the dart board entirely! But as I’ve always said, if we’re still entertained, then it can’t be a bad movie. Now these aren’t movies that just terrible, but ones that you actually do love to watch. Over nearly two decades, we’ve been watching a lot of Turkeys during those events, not to mention the ones that we watch on a regular basis, and they never lose their charm.


So… let’s hear some of your favorite Turkeys? Would it be Robot Monster? The classic Ed Wood epic Plan 9 from Outer Space? Maybe sometime a little more modern day, perhaps? For me, a lot of these films seem to bring back my childhood, making me feel like a little kid again amazed at what I’m seeing on the screen. The floor is now yours to stand proudly and say “MY FAVORITE TURKEY IS….. AND I LOVE IT! 

What’s Your Favorite…Zombies!


For today’s favorite question, we’re going with something more traditional. Zombie films are extremely popular and there are so many really good ones, maybe it might be tough to chose a favorite. Maybe this will help a little bit.

This is what I’m classifying as a zombie film: they must be the living dead. They don’t have to be flesh eaters, but they must be the dead. Simple enough? Will everyone be picking Night of the Living Dead? Dawn of the Dead? Fulci’s Zombie? Or is your favorite a little more obscure? So let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

Stuart Gordon – Rest in Peace

Stuart Gordon - RIPIn 1985, I worked in a movie theater, that was lucky enough to have Re-Animator playing at it. That was my introduction to Stuart Gordon. It would be another 17 years before I actually meet the man, but by that time, I had seen all of his feature films and more than a few of them, seeing them multiple times. Seeing Re-Animator back then was amazing because I had never seen anything like it before. The gore, the nudity, the humor, was all so over the top, but still effective all the way around. This film was definitely a fluke either, because Gordon continued to create more and more pictures that were just as entertaining and effective, each and every time.

But as we all know already, we have lost this great talent, when he passed away yesterday, at the age of 72. The first time I got to meet him, it was at the Gateway Theater in Chicago for a small movie convention/film fest. They were screening Gordon’s latest film Dagon (2001) on the big screen. In his introduction, he was so happy and thankful for this screening because he used to come to this very same theater as a kid and watch movies, so to be able to see his own film on the same screen just thrilled the hell out of him. But he was so friendly, talkative, and just a nice guy, not the kind you’d think would be responsible for the horrors that he directed on screen! I had met him a few times over the years, and he was always just as kind and approachable. He definitely is a talent that is going to be missed. But thankfully, we can all bust our From Beyond (1986), or Dagon, the wacky Space Truckers (1996) or even Stuck (2007) and see the wonderful art he has left for us to continue to enjoy.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family during this difficult time.