Discover the Reviews!

LSoH43Thanks to Richard Klemensen for this great little review of our book, Discover the Horror, which appears in the latest issue of Little Shoppe of Horror, which has a great cover story on Peter Cushing’s Blood Beast Terror! Here’s what Richard wrote:

“As the cover blurb puts it – “One Man’s 50-year Quest for Monsters, Maniacs, and the Meaning of it All”, I’ve known Jon Kitley for more years than I care to think about. Ran into him again and chatted at this year’s 2019 Monster Bash. My wife bought zombie pillows from his wife at Wonderfest a few years back.

So – what we have here is something I absolutely gravitate to – one monster fan’s trip to monsterdom and how he done got there! Growing up in a large family – his parents divorcing – finally ending up with his dad in a town where he knows no one. Moves to several different schools and ends up with few friends. How he grew; how he learned to love reading, then movies. His wonderful, understanding wife, Dawn, enters his world. He indoctrinates his son into his world of Gods and Monsters – and lots of other cool stuff. Continue reading

We’re Back!


Yes, we are back online! Sorry for the online absences but we had some new windows installed in the Krypt and to do so, that meant moving everything away from the windows. Well, if you’ve ever been to the Krypt, there is not a bit of free space anywhere! So moving stuff from one place to another was a bit challenging. Even in my office, I had to move a bookcase and my computer desk, which meant unhooking everything and finding places for all of the books in that bookcase. Ugh! Continue reading

AC’s Scare-A-Thon 2019: Day of the Lorax

AC's Lorax

Our good friend Aaron Christensen is doing his annual Scare-A-Thon, this time putting attention to the Amazon by raising money for Amazon Watch. No, this isn’t anything to do with ordering stuff online or watching streaming movies, but to help the Amazon rain forest and the people that live there. And its pretty simple to help AC in his quest. Continue reading

Double Dose of LSoH!

The latest issue of the always amazing Little Shoppe of Horrors is now available for order! In this issue, #43, the spotlight is put upon the little British shocker from Tigon Productions, The Blood Beast Terror, starring Peter Cushing (which he called the worst film he ever appeared in) and Robert Flemyng. The issue will have a making of article by John Hamilton, interview with the director Vernon Sewell, as well as a follow up to the last issue with a piece on Children of the Damned.

Continue reading

Last Shark Soundtrack?!?!

Great White CDSure, we’re probably getting close to the End of Days, with all the idiots in our governments, the climate change going out of control, and the world basically just turning to shit. But how can we not forget about all of that negativity when someone has released the soundtrack for one of the greatest Jaws rip-offs ever committed to film?!?!?


Thanks to the wonderful people at Beat Records, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis’ score for Enzo G. Castellari’s L’ultimo Squalo (aka The Last Shark or Great White) is coming out on CD! This 1981 film was actually pulled from release after playing in the states for about a month, after Universal sued the makers of the film for copyright infringement, and won! With James Franciscus and Vic Morrow hunting a very smart and very large Great White, it is a perfect slice of Italian cheese.

Being released here in the states for the very first time, this release is limited to only 500 copies and is priced at $19.95. Having close to 75 minutes on this release, that is a damn good price. I know I’ve already ordered my copy! The release also comes with a 12-page booklet. You can order your copy from Screen Archives by clicking HERE.

A Haunted Symphony for the Season!

Haunted Symphony

Just in time to add some audible chills to your Halloween season (which for most of us, lasts all year round, right?), Nox Arcana has released their latest musical journey into the dark realms. This time, we learn (and hear) the story of Aleister Ravenwood, “who embraces the darkness in his own soul.”

Just like each of their previous releases, Nox Arcana spins a haunting tale, through their gothic musical soundscapes, giving listeners a story weaved within the notes. These are perfect for Halloween parties, but also just have playing in the background at any time you want to surround yourself with an eerie feeling!

You can hear clips of the CD on Nox Arcana’s website (just click HERE), as well as checking out their other releases. At only $10 and over an hour’s worth of music, you can’t go wrong. In fact, at that price, order a few of them. You won’t be disappointed, other than not ordering them sooner!

Hammer Horror Music!

Last October we reported that the complete scores that James Bernard created for Hammer’s The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula would be coming out on CD, in their complete form, for the first time ever. And now, they are here! Continue reading