Stop-Animated Filth!

FILTH - Promo 4

I’ve always been a sucker for stop-motion clay animation, or claymation, or just the stop-motion process every since the first time I saw Rankin and Bass’ Mad Monster Party? (1967). While all kids grew up watching and enjoy cartoons, myself included, there just seemed to be something special about claymation. Even in the early 90s, there was Will Vinton’s Claymation Comedy of Horrors, with Wilshire Pig and his friends meeting up with a variety of different monsters and creatures. Even the later day Wallace and Gromit shorts and movies, I’ve always loved them. When I realized just went into creating these, I knew it was done by a bunch of mad bastards because I simply couldn’t relate to how much time and patience it took to create them! Continue reading

More Hammer Horror on Blu-Ray

Curse of Werewolf Blu-rayTrust me, I’m not one for double and triple dipping. But when it comes to Hammer Films, when they are released on Blu-ray, usually looking just freaking stunning in all their glorious color, it really is hard to pass up. Even more so, when they have a special offer to get a limited edition poster print of the cover art by Mark Maddox! Which is exactly what they have announced for their release of The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)! Just look at that amazing artwork, which would look just beautiful hanging on any Hammer fan’s wall. But don’t wait too long because this offer is only until the supply of posters runs out. Just click HERE to pre-order yours now. You may think it is a bit pricy but considering the poster you’re getting, it is one hell of a deal. The Blu-ray is set to be released on April 21st, with no extras announced just yet. But I’m sure Scream Factory will do their usual stellar job. Continue reading

2019 Year End Review: Part 4 – Best of the Decade, 2010-2019

Best of the Decade

Since we have completed yet another decade (which I must admit I am surprised we have survived with the current state of affairs) and I have been recently pondering this whole concept of Top Ten lists (thanks Gregg!), I thought it might be interesting challenge to look back over these last ten years and pick my favorite ten horror films… IF… I could narrow it down to just ten film. My initial picks were just under thirty titles. So after some seriously contemplations, I have it narrowed down to a final ten. The funny thing is that the final “ten” has changed twice since I started this process! If this exercise has done anything for me, it has made be bust out a few of these and re-watch them. Not really to remind myself of how much I liked them, but because it had been a while. And going down that journey again gave me almost the same thrills and feelings I had the first time. Continue reading

Merry Axe-Mass & Happy Horror-Days!


From everyone here at the Krypt, we wish all of you and yours a very Happy Holidays. No matter what you believe in, or don’t believe in, the one thing that we all should is the simple act of being kind. I’ve always said that as a species, humans suck for the most part. The way our government works, the medical system, everything about getting to the top, no matter who you’re stepping on to get there. Damn shame really. But until our Lord Cthulhu shows up, there are still those out there that really do try and tilt the scales, showing that we do have the capacity to do good and to care for our fellow man.

So thank you to those that go the extra mile to help a friend in need, even if that means lending a caring ear. Those that donate time and money to a worthy cause. Those that spend time with their families. Or those that are just kind to one another. Those are the people give me hope, and are constant reminders of who I want to be. 

Here’s to you and yours… wishing you a Very Scary Christmas from the Krypt!


Best of the Decade?

As 2019 comes to a close, it marks the start of a new decade, which also means the end of one. When I was going through my list of films that I’ve watched in 2019, to look for my Best Viewing pics, I realized that since this is the end of a decade, I should really go through and pick out my personal favorites that came out from 2010 to 2019. I’m still working on them and will (hopefully) have them done for my Year In Review postings in a few weeks.

So I’m throwing that idea out to everyone out there to do the same. If you keep a record of what you watch each year (which I strongly suggest you do), why not go through and jot down the titles that really impressed you over the last 10 years. You can always post them on Facebook, your own blog if you have one, or just wait until I post mine and you can reply in the comments. I’d love to read them!

Okay… back to work everyone!

Physical vs Streaming

Ever since streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime started, the debate has raging on which is better. We have the die-hard collectors, the ones collecting VHS and other physical media, denouncing the streaming avenue and those traveling down it. While the ones streaming, like the convenience of it, having a wide selection at their fingertips without having to spend a lot of money. Is one right and the other wrong? Since I consider myself an Old One (meaning old school movie collector, not a Lovecraftian deity), who used to spend hours, days, and even years looking for a certain movie, that seems to be available in an instant, so let me put my two cents in. As far as which is better, I think I can safely say this: How about we stop complaining about which is better and just WATCH THE DAMN MOVIES!?!?

Video store aisle 1

Continue reading

Time for the Turkey!


Now that Halloween season is official over, the next thing on calendar for us is of course, Turkey Day. No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, but our annual Turkey Day Marathon. Trust me, after getting through some of the titles we’ve watched over the years, just surviving is thankful enough! In all honestly, what I’m really thankful for is that I have a group of friends that make the trek out here every Black Friday to celebrate these Cinematic Shipwrecks along with me, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Continue reading