Kryptic Army Mission: April 2021 – Evil Kids!

Deviant little children, whether being possessed by demonic forces, or just born bad, they have been a part of horror cinema for a very long time. One of the earliest, if not the first, was little Patty McCormick in The Bad Seed (1956), that was based on the successful stage play of the same name. McCormick did so well that she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as the evil little Rhoda Penmark. But these evil little offspring didn’t stop there. We had alien invasions in Village of the Damned (1960) to all sorts of nasty tikes in the ’70s, most notable little Damien Thorne in The Omen (1976).

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Kryptic Army Mission: March 2021 – March Madness

Every March, one of the most popular tournaments takes place, with a single elimination rounds that comprises of 68 college basketball teams.

Now our mission has nothing to do with basketball, or sports in general. I’m only stealing the title of March Madness for this month’s topic of movie watching! And that would be madness. The horror genre has long been filled with characters wrestling with their sanity, either caused by natural defects in their brain, or due to something horrific event that they have witnessed and just can’t deal with. Or it could even be due to outside force or influence that is creating the delusions or is twisted their way of thinking. No matter what the reasoning is, they are usually kept in the same type of place. Continue reading

Kryptic Army Mission – February 2021: Universal Classic Monsters!

Tod Browning’s Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, opened in theaters on Feb. 14th, 1931. As we already know, the success of this started the formula that over the next decade would become known as the Universal Classic Monsters, including along with Dracula, there would be Frankenstein (1931), The Mummy (1932), The Invisible Man (1933), and The Wolf Man (1941). Yes, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is considered as part of that team, but for this mission, we’re only going to focus on those first 5 character. Over the years, there has been many remakes, continuations, re-imaginings, and whatever else they want to call it these days when they take a character or story and twist and turn it into something they are looking for. Continue reading

Kryptic Army Mission – January 2021: LET IT SNOW!

Welcome to 2021, Soldiers! Hopefully if you’re seeing this, you have survived New Year’s Eve and are at least capable enough to still read! Obviously, we have decided to continue our tour of duty for another year, to hopefully inspire you out there to continue to seek out and watch some films that you haven’t see yet, maybe ones that have been on your “Need to See” list for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to them. Maybe this will give you that chance. Continue reading

December Kryptic Army Mission: End of Days

For our final mission for 2020, I figured what better subject that the end of the world. I mean, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, so what better way than to go out fighting, right?

Now your subject matter is pretty wide open here, meaning you can go with a worldwide zombie outbreak, some sort of disease that has wiped out most of the population, or even some sort of creatures invasion that have taken out mankind, or at least a majority of it. The only key element that is required is that it would seem that humanity might be on its last leg, or has at least been seriously crippled. But besides that, it should be pretty easy to come across a couple of films that you haven’t seen yet. Continue reading

Kryptic Army – Another Year of Service?

We’re about a month away from completing a year’s tour of duty in the Kryptic Army. It’s been fun reading some of the entries from the ones participating, even getting some good suggestions for movies to watch. Strangely though, for all of those that seemed to be glad it was back, we didn’t seem to get the participation that I thought we would have. So my question to you out there, do we go another year? Continue reading

November Kryptic Army Mission: Turkey Time!

Yes, Halloween 2020 is done and gone. So while we start counting down the days to next year, now that it is November, that means it is time to start talking Turkeys! And no, I’m not talking about the kind you eat, but the kind you watch! Those who are veterans of the previous Krytpic Army will know well of this dangerous terrain I’m about to send you through, but trust me, you’ll be a better person because of it. Or end up locked up in a padded room. Continue reading

October Army Mission: Ghosts and Haunted Houses

“No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream. Hill House, not sane, stood by itself against its hills, holding darkness within; it had stood so for eighty years and might stand for eighty more. Within, walls continued upright, bricks met nearly, floors were firm, and doors were sensibly shut; silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.”

That is the opening paragraph of one of the greatest haunted house novels ever written, Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. It can still pack a punch as much today as it did when it was first released in 1959. Continue reading

September Army Mission: See You in September

In 1959, the band The Tempos released the song See You in September. Using that song title as a starting point, we’re going to “focus” on the eye part. In horror films over the years, the eyes have been something to exploit, either by damaging them, taking away their use, or just making you twitch when something crawls up by them.

So, during the month of September, you have to find and watch two horror films that you haven’t seen before, that have either Eye or Eyes in the title. Now this mission might be a little challenging for some of you out there, but after all, if this wasn’t a little work, it wouldn’t be an army, would it? Although, if anybody chooses to watch Headless Eyes, let me apologize up front!

You have until 11:59pm on Sept. 30th, to find and watch these two titles, and then report back to the Krypt. This might not be too easy, so start looking now. But I think you can find a couple out there that are more than worth a watch.

August Kryptic Army Mission – 55 to 65!

mr fredricksen army

This month, I will be turning 55 years old, getting even closer to really earn the moniker of “old man Kitley”. This means that I was born in 1965, and since I’m turning 55, I thought I would go with something a little easier for this month’s mission, but also help you dig a little deeper into the genre’s history.

Your mission is to find 2 horror films that you haven’t seen, that came out between the years 1955 and 1965. You have a whole decade to peruse to find a couple of titles to chose from. From all the old giant monster movies of the last part of the ’50s, to the birth of Hammer, and rise of the Italian horror films, you should have plenty to chose from. On a side note, if you’re wondering if one of those sci-fi films from the late ’50s, with some sort of monster or threat terrorizing the country, would count as a horror film, the answer is yes. Because we all know that Sci-Fi isn’t really a genre, right?

So you have until 11:59pm on August 31st to find, watch, and then report back your findings. Don’t take too long… time flies these days so don’t let it sneak up on you!