Cinematic Crossroads – Battle # 3: Cabin Fever

With this episode of Cinematic Crossroads, we take on Eli Roth’s debut film, Cabin Fever. So let’s get started!

cc-cfbannerSpecial Guest Start: John Pata. John Pata comes from the land known as Oshkosh, WI, where he is the owner of Head Trauma Productions. Pata co-wrote/directed the feature length film, DEAD WEIGHT, released earlier this year. He also is the president of the Time Community Theater, a volunteer-based, non-profit theater in Oshkosh, and continues to organize various horror events as Oshkosh Horror. Oh, and he loves burritos and iced tea. I mean LOVES them.

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Cinematic Crossroads – Battle #1: The Blair Witch Project

It seems I got the order of these a little screwed up. This is our first entry in the Cinematic Crossroads, with From Dusk Till Dawn being our 2nd venture. So I’ve edited our last post a bit. But in our first one, we didn’t have a guest start yet, so it was just myself, Aaron Christensen, Brian Kirst, and Dave Kosanke. Enjoy.

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Cinematic Crossroads – Battle # 2: From Dusk Till Dawn

Some of you might not know or remember when we started doing these group discussions, which I called Cinematic Crossroads. It is basically 4 dedicated horror fans and one guest star, discussing a film that is divided between when it comes to their opinion. This is our first one that was posted some time ago, but I am bringing them over from the old site to here. So if you haven’t seen this before, please read and enjoy!

Our panel consist of myself, Aaron Christensen (Horror 101 with Dr. AC), Dave Kosanke (Liquid Cheese fanzine), and Brian Kirst (Big Gay Horror Fan).

Special Guest Star: Adam Rockoff – In the past year, Adam Rockoff has written the remake of I Spit on Your Grave (under his pseudonym, Stuart Morse), as well as the Hallmark Channel made-for-TV-movie, Dad’s Home.  In one of them, a single father is heartbroken because he may be forced to uproot his family and move to another city.  In the other, a rapist has his eyelids pulled back by fishhooks while crows peck out his eyeballs.  You figure out which is which. 


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