Discover the Horror is now officially live and out there in the world! There are three options for acquiring your copy:

  1. If you want to wait, you can always pick it up from me directly at one of our upcoming conventions. You can see our schedule listed on the Discover the Horror World Tour!
  2. If you can’t wait, you can order it from Amazon (just click HERE).
  3. You can also order it directly from me, especially if you want it signed. Just let me know the name you want it signed to. There is no cost for the signature. Not now… not ever.

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Discover the Horror is $20, plus $3 for shipping within the states.
You can send a check or money order (made payable to: Jon Kitley) or send payment through Paypal. To mail your payment, send to:

Kitley’s Krypt
P.O. Box 2921
Aurora, IL  60507

To send payment through Paypal, use our email address: Make sure you include your mailing address with payment, as well as if you want it signed or not.



I would also ask that once you read it, please post a review on Amazon. Doesn’t have to be a long review but the more reviews the more attention Amazon puts on it. So every little review helps.

Here are the reviews that have started coming through from Amazon already:

“Required reading for all horror film fans. Jon Kitley ( has done an excellent job of taking the reader on a personal journey through “discovering” his personal quest of everything horror. The book took me down memory lane as I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA during the 1970’s, watching horror movies on Chiller Theater and reading Famous Monsters magazine. The author has done a stellar job of arranging the book chapters in a way that reminded me of how I came to love the horror genre (Horror Film Books, Drive-in Theaters, Horror Conventions, etc.). Bloody good stuff!” – Lewis Carrol

“If you are looking for a first person narrative of all things horror, then this is the book for you. Similar to Stephen King’s “On Writing,” Jon Kitley explores his obsession, love, and relationships with the genre in a serious, comedic, thoughtful, and even spiritual way where his voice is powerful and well researched. Reading his memoir feels like having a conversation with him. His voice lifts off the page and you are left with an enlightening experience.” – Matthew C. Harding

Here is the advance praise for Discover the Horror:

“Discover the Horror is a bloodstained trip down memory lane with the ultimate horror fan as a guide. Through Jon Kitley’s personal journey, you’ll laugh, you’ll scream, and you’ll remind yourself what made you fall in love with horror movies in the first place.”

– Adam Rockoff, author of The Horror of It All and Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher film, 1978-1986

“Jon Kitley possesses the most important thing any fan could hope for and that is passion. The only thing equal to his passion is his quest for knowledge of our beloved genre.”

– Damien Glonek, Co-Creator of Living Dead Dolls

“As a lifelong fan of the horror genre, it always fascinates me to read of the experiences of like-minded fanatics. Jon Kitley is one such individual. His insights into the appeal of the genre and his own personal journey through the highs and lows of fandom makes for a remarkably entertaining read. He manages to cover a lot of ground, always with an eye towards conveying that special kind of passion and devotion that typifies a true Horror Nut.”

– Troy Howarth, Rondo-nominated author of Human Beasts: The Films of Paul Naschy and So Deadly, So Perverse