Did You Rondo Yet?


Tomorrow is the cut off for voting on this year’s Rondo Awards for 2018. So if you haven’t taken a few minutes to pick your favorites and send them in, then don’t delay! There are a lot of hard working people out there promoting the genre that could always use a bit of cheering to show their work matters. Even being nominated is an honor, but bringing home the little bust of Rondo is even better. So take a few minutes, vote with your heart, and make someone’s day.

You can get to the voting ballot by clicking HERE. Just copy and paste it in an email to David Colton at taraco@aol.com.


Evilspeak #6 Now Out!

Evilspeak6Just when you thought it was dead and buried, Evilspeak rises from the depths of hell to deliver once again, a magazine filled with horror! Just like it always has! And issue # 6 is filled with the usually demented drooling and drawings that you’ve come to love.

Within these pages, you’ll find coverage on movies such as Night of the Demon (1980), A Candle for the Devil (1973), Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981), The Brain (1988), Seven Women for Satan (1976), Pin (1988), and more. There’s even interviews with the likes of Chris Reifert and Elizabeth Shepherd, not to mention filled with the amazing artwork through the issue.

All you need to do is click HERE to order your copy now! And if you’re missing any of the previous issues, why not order them as well before they are all gone!

New Lugosi and Dracula Books

Thanks to BearManor Media, fans of Bela Lugosi and of Universal’s Son of Dracula just might be adding a couple of new book titles to their library! I know I will be.

The first book, Scripts from the Crypt # 9: Son of Dracula is written by Gary D. Rhodes, Tom Weaver, Dr. Robert Kiss, and Robert Guffey and contains all the wonderful information in this series of books. You’ll get the production history, fun facts, the pressbook, essays by Robert Siodmak and Curt Siodmak, as well as the script! These are great titles when you’re wanting to more about a particular film. You can get the softcover edition for $29.95 or the hardcover edition for $39.95.

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Fantastic Films of the Decades – Vol. 3

Fantastic Films of the Decades vol 3Coming out next month, Peveril Publishing will be unleashing the latest edition of their incredible series, Fantastic Films of the Decades – Volume 3: The 40s Part 1! We have many of Peveril’s books and they truly are works of art. Just beautiful to page through and look at the incredible layouts and photos. Of course, the information in them is just as good! And now, you can add the latest edition to your own library.

With another limited release of only 500 copies,  you don’t want to be left out. There are a few copies left of the first two volumes, so you still have a chance to get caught up, which I would highly recommend.

For more information on the release, head over to their website HERE.




Busy, Busy, Busy


Monsterpalooza banner

I know the updates here have been getting farther and farther apart it seems but have no fear. The Krypt is not close to shutting its doors anytime in the near future. I have just been crazy busy. My work in the real world has been utter chaos which has me questioning my career choice every single day. Plus, I’ve got some big writing deadlines I’m working on, not to mention trying to get the book to the final stages before going to the design and layout stage. So while the updates aren’t as regular right now, they will be back. I promise.

Adding to the things taking me away from the site is a couple of cons. Last weekend, for the very first time, the wife and I attended Cinema Wasteland not as dealers, but as regular fans. I gotta admit, it was pretty strange. There were several times during the weekend that I had a momentary thought that I needed to get back to my table. But it was fun hanging out with our friends, spending way too much money, and still getting very little sleep over the three days. And can’t wait to do it again.

But this weekend, we’re off for another first. We’re heading to the West Coast for our very first Monsterpalooza! I’ve been hearing about this show for years, so this time we decided to make it happen, and I’m really excited about it. So I would expect plenty of photos to be posted on our Facebook page over those three days. And we’ll get to actually visit Dark Delicacies as well!

So if you’re coming out to the show this weekend, maybe we’ll see you! Just look for the guy in the Kitley’s Krypt shirt with his eyes bulging out of his head at all the amazing displays!

Mystery Photo 4-1

Don’t worry… no April Fool’s joke here. Even if I thought about it, been way too busy to even have time to come up with a good one. So instead we’ll just concentrate on our Mystery Photo this week. Last week’s photo wasn’t from a movie, but instead a TV series from the early ’70s, Sept. 15th, 1972 to be precise. The TV show was called Ghost Story and this particular episode was called The Dead We Leave Behind, starring Jason Robards and Stella Stevens. This episode in particular really gave me the creeps back then, and I think it still holds up to today as well. If you get chance to see any of these old episodes, especially this one, I would recommend it. Hoby Abernathy and Michael Shields were the only one to send in the correct answer. But don’t feel bad, this was a tough one.

So let’s go with something maybe a little easier. Maybe. Give it a peek and see what you think! As always, please don’t post your guess here so others can have a guess. Just send them to me via email, to jon@kitleyskrypt.com. Good Luck!



Twice the Thrills! Twice the Chills!

Twice the ThrillsThere is just something special about good old fashioned double features! Sure, they might have started to draw in audiences more, getting double the entertainment for your hard-earned dollar. And sure, usually the main feature was followed up by a cheaper B-picture, but none the less, they were a lot of fun. Now, author Bryan Senn takes a look at this special time in our movie history, when double features were something to look forward to.

Starring with Universal-Internationals release of Revenge of the Creature and Cult of the Cobra in 1955, Senn goes through the next 20 years covering all the officially sanctioned double-bills of horror and science fiction titles. All 147 of them! You’ll read all about the films with production details, historical notes, and critical commentary.

This 433 page book is now available through McFarland. It’s a bit pricy at $59.95, but Senn’s work is always entertaining and very informative. I am looking forward into diving into this! 

You can order your copy now by clicking HERE.