A Kryptic History

I started Kitley’s Krypt back in October of 1998, which makes it one of the longest running horror websites on the internet. Over the years, I’ve had a few remarks on why I put my name in the site’s title, which is pretty easy to explain. I stand by what is on this site, both in content and opinion. Unlike some sites, I don’t hide behind a fake name or persona. What you read is what you get. I make no apologies for my opinion here, because it is just that … my opinion. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine. I won’t be offended or have a problem with it. I love nothing more than discussing a difference of opinion on a movie. Like they say, we don’t have to agree on every movie, as long as we can agree on the genre as a whole!

I originally created this site using Microsoft Front Page 98, upgrading the program each time Microsoft released an update, their last one being way back in 2003. Their next update was now called Expression Web and for me, took what use to be a very basic and easy-to-use program into something much more advance. Keyword term here…’for me’. As much as I tried to make the jump to Expression, I just couldn’t figure it out. So I continued with Front page though I slowly started to run into issues. I had to change web hosts twice because they stopped offering Front Page Extensions, which one needs to have them host a site created with Front Page. Then Windows 7 came along and the old Front Page was not compatible with the new operating system. Thanks to my computer whiz nephew, he was able to get it to work. And then Windows 8 came along, which after some research was pretty much told will not work with Front Page. So I knew it was only a matter of time before using Front Page would become completely obsolete.

Knowing that the end was not too far away, I decided to look into other options while the site was still running and have the luxury and time to make the transition. At first, looking to going to a blog format seemed like a huge step backwards since I was assuming blogs were a simple one page news feed type of site. But the more I looked into it, I was amazed at how much they have transformed into actual full functioning websites. So that is where we are at now. The old site is still archived (with a link on the right) but I have be slowly bringing some of that content over here.

While the format may have changed over the last two decades, my mission has not. That mission is EDUCATE, EXPLAND, and (hopefully) ENTERTAIN our readers and their knowledge of the horror genre, helping them to continue to Discover the Horror, and increasing their knowledge of this great genre.

To go into a little further on those key elements:


So many fans that I’ve run across over the years seemed to have a limited knowledge of the genre. This is not to be taken as an insult or trying to sound like I know everything. I am still learning as well.

Yes, most horror fans know who Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and Boris Karloff are. Those are the basics. But what about Bernard Robinson? Or how about Lionel Atwill? Or maybe even Ted V. Mikels?

As you increase your knowledge of the genre, you will learn more and more about the people behind these movies. Whether they are actors, directors, makeup artists, production designers, or even cinematographers, there are some talented people out there that have given the films the look and feel that they have, and are still remembered today. Whether these movies and/or actors are 100 years old, or 2 years old, it’s important to know your history. It not only helps you appreciate the past, it gives you a better understand of the present.


Fans know what they like and like what they know. But what about the movies they don’t know about? Or never even heard of, or knew existed?

The genre is so massive, more so now than ever before. And since it is one of the oldest film genres around, the history is long and rich, filled to the brim with amazing features just waiting to be discovered.

Some fans complain about the lack of anything good in the horror genre coming out today, but I’ve found out that means they are just not looking. If they don’t like what they are seeing that has come out recently, then that is when they need to go back to see what came out in the past. There is over 100 years of cinema that I’m sure they have only touched upon. If you’ve never seen a movie, even if it came out 50 years ago, it is still new to you!

I hope to inspire you to keep seeking out films you haven’t seen before, no matter how old they are, or where they are from.


And lastly, the part that we hope everyone does find while wandering through our reviews and ramblings, we hope your time spent here is fun. From our weekly Mystery Photos, Friday Favorites topics, or our tales from the road (usually to a drive-in theater), we hope you’re enjoying it and continue to come back.

We’ve always done this for the sheer passion of it and are having a lot of fun doing it, so I just hope the feeling is mutual!

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