McFarland Book Sale!!!

In our never-ending pursuit of learning more about the horror genre, we have many volumes from McFarland in our library. They have such a wide variety of subjects, from critical essays and academic studies overviews of different sub-genres, and plenty of amazing biographies.

Going on right now, McFarland is not waiting until Black Friday to start their online sales but have started offering 40% off ANY title!!! Just head over to their website (by clicking HERE) and start choosing titles. When you get to the check out, add in HOLIDAY22 for the code and it will take off the 40%. That’s damn near half price folks! I know McFarland can be a bit pricy so now is your chance to save some series dough! The sale goes from now until Monday, November 28th, so don’t wait too long!

Need some recommendations? If you’re a fan of Karloff and Lugosi, then I would highly recommend Greg Mank’s book Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Normal retail price is $39.95, so you can get it for under $24. Big savings and it is a fantastic book that I guarantee you’ll learn a lot about both of these icons and the films they worked together on. If you like Mank’s work, then I would also highly recommend his biography on actor Laird Cregar. I enjoyed it so much I read it in a weekend. Fascinating stuff.

Like the low budget to no-budget filmmakers? Like Ray Dennis Steckler? Then you can pre-order a copy of the latest book by Christopher Wayne Curry entitled The Incredibly Strange Features of Ray Dennis Steckler. Same as the title above, your savings will put the cost at $24.

So many other great titles in their catalogue, whether you like books on Italian filmmakers, just search author Roberto Curti and you’ll find a ton of them. If you’re a fan of interviews with a variety of people in the sci-fi and horror genre, then search for author Tom Weaver and you’ll find a ton of his books. If you’re a fan of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, then you have to order a copy of Weaver’s The Creature Chronicles. They still have copies of the limited-edition hardcover, that normally retailed at $75. They have it on sale for $49.95, but when you use the 40% discount code, it puts this book at less than half the regular price, at $35.96!


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