Mystery Photo 9-26

Yeah, a wee bit later than normal, but I didn’t forget. So much going on right now but it is all good stuff and that I brought upon myself so I can’t complain. Well, I could, but nobody will listen . . .

Okay, enough whining, let’s get to the Mystery Photo, right! Last week’s photo from from the 1957 film The Vampire, starring John Beal. While not really a supernatural vampire film, it is still a fun watch. And boy, when that image pops up that I used for the mystery pic, didn’t expect that for a film back then! Only got three correct answers sent in and they were from: Hoby Abernathy, Kevin Hart, and Bob Hartman! Well done!

This week’s photo is a little newer than 1957, but we’ll see how easy it might be. Take a peek and see what you think! As always, remember to send your guess to me in an email (makes it easier for me to remember!) to Good Luck!