Doug McKeown – Rest in Peace

Not a lot of filmmakers made a huge impact with really only one movie, but Doug McKeown did for me with his film The Deadly Spawn (1983). According to the posting from John Dodds on Facebook, it seems that McKeown has passed away. Dodds worked with McKeown on Spawn, creating the title monster. I couldn’t find any other notices about his death besides that, but since McKeown wasn’t a household name, maybe that’s why. But none the less, the horror genre has lost a man partially responsible for bringing that famous monster full of teeth alive on the screen.

Back in 2008, at a film fest in Chicago, they were screening The Deadly Spawn and McKeown was a guest! Never in a million years did I expect ever to meet the guy who help create this immortal monster movie, but here he was, out in the lobby chatting with a bunch of different fans. I had brought my Spawn hand puppet for photo ops with him, though he seemed a little creeped out by the thing! But I did get a shot below with him and my son, which was pretty cool. He had some great stories about the making of the film and was just such a nice guy. Such a loss.

We here at the Krypt are very saddened by this news and our thoughts go out to his friends and family in this difficult time.

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