HorrorHound Next Weekend!!!

Less than a week away and we’ll be packing up the Kryptic Van and heading to Cincinnati for HorrorHound Weekend! And just looking at the huge guest lineup, it looks like this is going to be one hell of a show, as always. There is going to be someone there for all fans of the genre, from a Hocus Pocus reunion, a Killer Klowns from Outer Space reunion with the Chiodo Bros., stars Grant Cramer and Suzanne Synder, as well as Harrod Blank & Mike Martinez who played a couple of the Klowns, to so much more. You have Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Anthony Michael Hall, Quinn Lord, Dana Delorenzo & Ray Santiago, and so many more. They even have Milly Shaprio from Hereditary!

Oh yeah, ever hear of this old movie The Thing, directed by John Carpenter? Well, they will be having six cast members, including Keith David (Childs), Thomas Waites (Windows), Richard Masur (Clark), Peter Maloney (Bennings), Joel Polis (Fuchs), and David Clennon (Palmer). For a movie that is 40 years old, and one that bombed when it first opened, it is now regarded as one of the greatest horror films ever made, and rightly so! Very excited about this reunion.

Then there is Ian McCulloch (pictured above to the left), a name that should be very familiar with any fan of Italian horror since he appeared in Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (1979), Luigi Cozzi’s Contamination and Marino Girolami’s Zombie Holocaust, better known in the states as Doctor Butcher M.D., both of which came out in 1980. I’m sure he’s got some great stories working on some of these famous flicks, so make sure you stop by and see him!

Of course, there is also the huge dealer room, packed full of all sorts of horror merch that you know you can’t live without. And if you’re a fan of our podcast, Discover the Horror, all three of your hosts, myself, Damien Glonek, and Aaron AuBuchon will be attending the show next weekend. I’ll be at the Kitley’s Krypt table with my usual array of horror reference books, hoping to help educate and expand the knowledge of those serious horror fans who want to learn as much about the genre as they can. Damien will be at the Living Dead Dolls table, giving fans of LDD a chance to adopt a new addition to their family. And Aaron will be wandering around the show as well, but we’ll probably be close to either of our tables. So, if you’re a fan of the show, please stop by and say hello and let us know your thoughts, or what some of your favorites are from any of our previous episodes.

Between the panels, the HorrorHound Film Fest, the vendor room, and everything else, it is set for one hell of a weekend for horror fans. For the complete and up to date listing, head over to the official HorrorHound Weekend site by clicking HERE.

2 thoughts on “HorrorHound Next Weekend!!!

    • Really only at conventions. I don’t want people coming to my site thinking I’m trying to sell the something, other than knowledge. Plus, when I did have stuff ony site, I was spending more time updating that then any thing else.

      But . . . If you’re looking for something in particular, you can email me and I’ll see what I can do.


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