Soundtrack Review: Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future (2022)
Released by Mercury KK
17 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 38:13 min.
Music by Howard Shore

Ever since really getting into movie soundtracks and David Cronenberg films, I’ve always enjoyed what composer Howard Shore brought to his films. Each one was unique, different, and always fit the individual film so well, no matter the content or the subject matter. Shore always made the music part of the overall film experience. With Cronenberg’s latest, a return to the body horror genre he was known for, Shore once again doesn’t disappoint.

Right from the opening title track, what we hear almost sounds organic, between an electronic keyboard, and then some weird pounding or pulsating noise in the background. Within a minute we hear a series of strange notes, almost like practicing scales that seems to set the tone for the film because it immediately takes you off guard from the music we had just been hearing.

Track #3, Caprice, is such a sad piece of music, with a combination of (I believe) violin and cello, with maybe some soft horns halfway through, that is slow moving that just creates this sense of melancholy, relaxing in a strange way but almost like draining away any motivation.

Once you get to Track #5, Body is Reality, the volume seems to pick up with a beat in the background, interlaced with a muffled bursting sound like from a trumpet, like a far-away siren, like some sort of sedate industrial house party at the very end of the night. Track #7, Klinek, is another one, but with a little bit faster pace beat.

Overall, this is a very moody piece, mainly filled with slow and somber pieces, even when the beat kicks in on some tracks, it never seems to be meant to get your heart racing. Almost slightly new wave-ish, like something from a sci-fi movie from the ‘80s, when Casio keyboards were becoming a big thing, but more much style to it. If you’re a fan of Shore’s work, as well as Cronenberg’s, then this is obviously a must.

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