Soundtrack Review: She Will

She Will (2022)
Released by Mercury KK
11 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 44:55 min.
Music by Clint Mansell

I remember seeing the trailer for this and seeing that Alice Krige was in it, I knew I was going to see it. But then forgot about it until it popped up on Prime. I’ve been a fan of Krige since Ghost Story (1981) so I figured it would be another great performance, no matter of the quality of the final product. What I didn’t expect was the captivating soundtrack that seemed to surround the story itself.

I also knew of Mansell’s work that he has done with Darren Aronofsky, but never had any of them really grab hold of me like this score did. Maybe because it was a combination of the beautiful cinematography here, where it felt like the music was interwoven into the images onscreen.

For a film in touch with the witches of history in the location where the story takes place, the music doesn’t go the route one would immediately expect, being dark and gloomy and evil sounding. Instead, we get something haunting with some incredible vocals and chanting, which is also very different but highly effective. There are a few tracks that have a sort of a brief melody but again, I would again use the word captivating instead of catchy. It draws you in, as if putting you under a spell.

While there is a mixture of strings, pianos, and some other instruments I couldn’t exactly name, it is the vocals throughout the score that really shines here. It is a great score to have playing in the background, whether you’re meditating or relaxing, or just trying to put your brain at ease. Peaceful, eerie, haunting, but something that will just draw you into its own little audible world.

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