Naschy Blu-Ray Sets On-Sale!

For those out there that either haven’t delved into the world of Paul Naschy, or even those that might have dipped their toes into the water but still haven’t dived in, now is your chance. Shout Factory is having a sale on their Box Sets, at 40% off retail price until this Tuesday the 19th, and both the Naschy Collections are included in there. Both are priced at $35.99, which includes 5 movies in each set. That’s like $7 a title!!!

The first collection includes the below title and can be ordered by clicking HERE.

Vengeance of the Zombies (1972)
Horror Rises from the Tomb (1972)
Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1973)
Night of the Werewolf (1981)
Human Beasts (1980)

The second collection contains these films and can be ordered by clicking HERE.

Hunchback of the Morgue (1973)
The Devil’s Possessed (1974)
The Werewolf and the Yeti aka Night of the Howling Beast (1975)
Exorcism (1975)
A Dragonfly for Each Corpse (1975)

Several of the films in these collections have new commentary from author Troy Howarth, author of the book Human Beasts: The Films of Paul Naschy, or Rod Barnett and Troy Quinn from the podcast Naschycast.

But besides all the great extras, you get some incredible films in these collections, some of which are my favorites of this talented actor/writer/director. Horror Rises from the Tomb was the first of Naschy’s films that I saw, and it still remains my all-time favorite, while Night of the Werewolf is my favorite of his Waldemar Daninsky films. In that same first collection, which these two are included, you also get Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1973), which was one of Naschy’s nod to the giallo, and does it quite well.

In the second collection, you have another Naschy giallo, A Dragonfly for Each Corpse, which is the first time this title was every released here in the states, not to mention being a decent film. Hunchback is another personal favorite with a lot of bat-shit crazy stuff going on, but damn fun and entertaining. But the real star of the second set is the release of The Werewolf and the Yeti, released here in the states under the name Night of the Howling Beast. The VHS print of this movie was so damn dark that in certain scenes you couldn’t see anything. This new Blu-ray corrects all of that.

Okay, I’m a huge Naschy fan, so of course I’m going to praise his films. But if you’re a fan of Hammer Films, gothic titles of Italy from the ’60s and ’70s, as well as those good old-fashioned monster-rama titles from Universal, then I don’t think you’ll go wrong with these films. Plus, when it works out to about $7 a title, less than the price of a ticket at your local cinema, than you really can’t lose. Give Naschy a try and see what you think.

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