Monster Bash Celebrates Lugosi

If you are a fan of Bela Lugosi and anywhere near Canton, Ohio, then come August, you’ll have the chance to see 8 of Lugosi’s films on the big screen at The Palace Theatre. Taking place on August 12th & 13th, they will be screening 4 features each day, with a bonus feature Saturday night. There will be some dealers set up in the lobby as well, giving you time to wander around and do some monster shopping in between screenings! It’s not too often that you have the chance to see titles like this on a huge screen, like the original Dracula (1931) or Island of Lost Souls (1932), so if you are able to take advantage of it, I would highly recommend it. Such a better way to see and enjoy these films than on your TV.

Here are the hours for the event, and the movie schedule:

Friday, Aug. 12th
Vendors open from 3pm to 12am
5pm – Dracula (1931)
7pm – Chandu the Magician (19)
9pm – Writer/Historian Frank Dello Stritto discusses Lugosi’s early life in Europe in this power point presentation
10pm – Island of Lost Souls (1932)
12am – Mark of the Vampire (1935)

Saturday, Aug. 13th
Vendors open from 12pm to 11pm
2pm – The Devil Bat (1940)
4pm – Night Monster (1942)
6pm – Writer/Historian Frank Dello Stritto discusses Lugosi’s later years in another power point presentation
7pm – The Return of the Vampire (1943)
9pm – The Bride of the Monster (1956)
11pm – Bonus Feature: Ed Wood (1994)
1am – Monster Bash Prize Toss!

For all the updated information, head over to Creepy Classics website, or just click HERE for a direct link.

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