Authentic Drive-In Theatres Unite!

Any regular followers of the Krypt will know of my love of the drive-in theaters, which I’m always trying to promote them and preach the gospel of this great, nostalgic, and just a damn fun time. Plus, it is a way to keep the history (and the drive-in theaters) alive and well in a day and age where some would rather watch a movie on their phone. Blasphemy!!!

But now, the presented by The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association (UDITOA), this new website, Authentic Drive-In Theatres ( is here to help you find a drive-in theater, learn some history about drive-ins in general, as well as the latest news and updates.

According to the website, this website was “created by Authentic Drive-In Theatre owners and designed by the Box-Office Company will allow movie-goers to find Authentic Drive-Ins near them. Listings of Drive-In movies and show-times are available on the site, in addition to the latest official Drive-In Theatre news. The site also features a map listing of locations of Authentic Drive-In Theatres in the United States, Canada, and Australia.”

I would highly recommend clicking on the History tab on the site and read the Drive-In Theatre History by Mike Kerz, the owner of the Midway Drive-In (not to mention a longtime friend of the Krypt!) that gives a great insight into the world of the drive-ins, how they started and what happened to them, as well as why it is important to keep them going. Let’s all work to keep the drive-ins alive and well. One of the easiest ways we can help is supporting them when we can, not to mention having a great time while you’re doing it!

See you at the concession stand! I’ll be the one eating a corn dog!

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