Covid in the Krypt!

That’s right folks, that is my excuse for the lack of updates lately. Last week, my wife tested positive, and two days later, I did as well. Luckily, we were both vaccinated and boosted, so our symptoms were pretty mild. She just basically had a runny nose, while I had a pretty bad cough and slight fever, but that was about it. I know it could have been a lot worse. I’m very grateful we did have our shots because I don’t want to imagine how bad it could have been otherwise, especially for me since I am diabetic. This just shows that this plague is still out there roaming around, so please, PLEASE, stay safe and treat each other with respect. It’s the only way we get to the other side of this.

So, while I’m still quarantined and working from home, I feel better enough to try and tackle the crapload of stuff on my plate here! Obviously, I missed a few things this week, such as a new Mystery Photo, but we’ll be back to that next week. I also missed posting about Paul Naschy’s birthday on the 6th, which really bummed me out, but was just in no condition then to get something out.

So, if you were wondering, that is why it’s been kind of radio silence here for a while. We are doing much better and are on the upswing, so no worries. Hopefully things will get back to whatever “normal” is for me and the Krypt. On a positive note, I did use that time wisely and watched a ton of movies while I was down and out, so not all bad news! So even when you’re sick, you can still Discover the Horror!

(Art used by permission from Don England!)

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