The Albert Glasser Collection Vol. 4

For those who might now know the name Albert Glasser, he was a composter that mainly worked on B-movie titles, especially with director Bert I. Gordon. But it wasn’t just those films, but also worked in just about every other genre out there, composing scores for 135 films (some that he never even received credit for), from westerns to juvenile delinquent titles, as well as 300 television shows and 450 radio programs. So yeah, he was busy.

But thanks to the fine folks at Dragon’s Domain Records, Volume 4 of their series is all about Science Fiction Atomic Mutations! This release has the scores for Bert I. Gordon’s The Cyclops and The Beginning of the End, both released in 1957. The total running time for the CD is just under 80 minutes, so priced at $17.95 is a great deal. You can order your copy at Screen Archives Entertainment, by clicking HERE.

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