Columbus Moving Picture Show This Weekend!

This weekend we are making our return to Columbus for the Columbus Moving Pictures Show, formally known as Cinevent. We haven’t been there since before the pandemic, so we are not only very excited to make our return, but excited to be part of a new beginning of the show under new management. For those that don’t know, the Cinevent Classic Film Convention ran for over 50 years! One of the co-founders, Steven Haynes, had passed away in 2015, and his son Michael took over for a few years. But they sold it to new owners and have changed the name to The Columbus Moving Picture Show, promising to keep the spirit of Cinevent alive and living. This is a good old fashioned movie memorabilia show, where you can find posters, stills, lobby cards, and just about any other kind of stuff related to movies. Granted, they tend to be on the classic side, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have “younger” movie related items. I’ve always found a few gems each time I’ve gone.

We had set up there back in the late ’90s, and then started again in 2016, continuing right up until the pandemic shut it down for a couple of years. But now we are coming back and are really looking forward to it!

The show takes place from Thursday, May 26th to Sunday the 29th, with screenings of 16mm movies from that first day to the last, all day long! While most of them are not in the horror genre, they do have a couple titles that I may have to sneak out of the dealer room to check, specifically Abbott & Costello’s Hold that Ghost (1941) and Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda (1953).

So, if you’re in the Columbus area, head on over to the Renaissance Hotel, at 50 N. 3rd Street in downtown Columbus. For a complete list of films, dealers, and all the other details, head to their website by clicking HERE.

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