Mystery Photo 4-25

Welcome to our last photo for April. How times flies, huh? A quarter of the year almost behind us. Onward and upward, right? Well, we can only hope. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any correct answers for our last photo. Maybe it was too new? Could be. The name of the film is Malasaña 32, or 32 Malasana Street as it is called on Amazon Prime. It came out in 2020 and directed by Albert Pintó and if you like creepy haunted house stories, this one packs a punch.

But let’s get to this week’s photos. Maybe this one might be a little easier to recognize, especially for those that have a love of older films. Okay, that’s a big enough hint for you! Check it out below and see what you think! Just remember to send your answer to me at Good Luck!