Mystery Photo 4-11

Sorry for the late posting but we were at the Cinema Wasteland show over the weekend and had one hell of a time, not to mention a very exhausting one. Didn’t get much sleep but had a blast seeing our convention friends and getting to hang out and talk movies all weekend! I may have bought a thing or two while there as well . . . But so glad to have a little escape from reality and see some old friends. So much fun. So many movies, so little sleep!

Our last photo was from the 2016 film Tonight She Comes, which must be a rare one because we didn’t get any correct answers sent in. Which is a shame since I think it is worth seeing. Might disturb a few people, maybe even offend their sense of taste, but you will have to admit that it is an effective film in what it tries to do. Or at least, that is MY opinion. So, proceed with caution!

Here is this week’s photo, so take a peek and see if this one is a little more recognizable. Just remember to send us your guess in an email to Good Luck!