Soundtrack Review: Salem’s Lot

Salem’s Lot
Released by Intrada, 2013
84 Tracks, with a total running time of 99:53 min.
Music Composed and Conducted by Harry Sukman

If you’re one that grew up in the ‘70s, then you remember the made-for-TV movies back then were sometimes more entertaining than what was screening at the theaters! At least they were to me. One of the things that always enjoyed for those films were the scores. They just had this same feel and style to them that were easy to recognize, as well as being very effective. Thankfully, we now have the complete score for one of the best made-for-tv movies ever to be made. And one of the reasons for that is the incredibly creepy!

Intrada has given fans of this movie a great gift with this 2-disc release of Sukman’s music, which consists almost 100 minutes of music! Because the original film was aired over two nights, each disc covers each of the two parts in the series, but as soon as you hear the track 3 on the first disc, Holy Water (Main Title # 1), you’ll immediately be taken back to the small town of Salem’s Lot! Throughout the score, you’ll get a lot of different creepy elements, such as a slower and darker theme, such as Track 4, Straker, which sets the tone for this character, then moving into more of a softer, almost love theme for track #6, Susan, showing the range of what you’ll get to hear on this score.

But as most of you are know, we’re here for the creepy music, right? You’ll definitely get your share here. Tracks like #7 and #8, The House #1 and The House #2 bring that element of creepiness, almost like you are wandering through an old, abandoned house. In track #22, The Monster Appears, the way Sukman uses something that sounds like wind blowing while the tempo picks up and gets louder before exploding, is a perfect example. He does an incredible job bringing the goosebumps but also bringing character and emotions in the different tracks. They enhance what we’re seeing onscreen, but also work by themselves.

There are also 7 different alternate tracks for different cues, either for the theatrically released version or with slight changes or variances to them, or ones that were never used.

If you are a fan of this film, then this release is simply a must for your collection. It will bring back so many great memories of watching this movie, either back in the day when it originally aired, or whenever you had the chance to experience it.

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