Horrors at the Music Box in Chicago

While we all wait for news of this year’s Music Box of Horrors, Chicago’s best 24-hour horror movie marathon, there are more than a few interesting screenings coming up there that might peak the interests of local fans!

This Wednesday, at 9:15pm, they are screening the 1982 epic Boardinghouse, one of the earlier shot-on-video films that actually did play theaters. I know this for a fact because it played at the theater I worked at and was both confused and blown aways by it! Plenty of nudity and gore, as well as a lot of W-T-F moments, it is definitely like nothing else you’ve seen. And getting to see it on the big screen is a whole other experience! There will be an introduction to the film by author and film critic Preston Fassel, author of the book Landis: The Story of a Real Man on 42nd Street, the first ever biography of Sleazoid Express found Bill Landis. There will also be a post screening conversation as well.

On March 17th, the latest film by writer/director Ti West will be screening. The film is simply called X and is about some people trying to film an adult film in an out-of-the-way location in Texas but run into trouble when the people they are renting the property from find out what they are doing. This will be screening from a 35mm print.

On March 26th, the Music Box will be holding a special premiere of the new film Night’s End, screening at 9:30pm. This is the new film by director Jennifer Reeder. At this premiere, they will have some of the cast and crew in attendance.

If you’re a big fan of David Lynch, then you are not going to want to miss their David Lynch Retrospective. Between April 7th and the 14th, they are screening a ton of Lynch’s films, along with special guests such as Charlotte Stewart, Richard Green, Duwayne Dunham, and much more. You’ll get to see titles like Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune, Boxing Helena, along with some documentaries as well. For the complete list of films and events, just click HERE.

On April 15th, one of the greatest horror films ever made will be playing, in a new 4K restoration, John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). If you haven’t had the chance to see this on the big screen, then I cannot urge you enough to check it out. Just amazing and one film that never gets old.

You can always head over to the Music Box Theatre’s website to get all the latest updates and news by clicking HERE.

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