Soundtrack Review: The Phantom of the Organ / Vampyre at the Harpsichord

The Phantom of the Organ / Vampyre at the Harpsichord
Originally Released 1973-74.  Re-released in 2000 by Electric Lemon
15 Tracks, with a total running time of 56:38 min

I remember first coming across this music in the early ‘80s, strange looking albums that weren’t soundtracks but contained creepy, gothic sounding music. No idea that they had originally released in the early ‘70s. I had no idea that they had been remastered, combined, and released on CD in 2000 by Electric Lemon, but was so happy to add it to my music library.

The first part is with the organ and makes you feel like you’re in a funeral parlor from a distant time, or some old, abandoned church with a madman at the keys, producing these eerie sounds that pour out from the bowels of the basement caverns! They are more slower and foreboding, but still bring on the creeps. Tracks like #3, Symphony of Death, almost sounds more like demons crying out than an organ!

The second part, which starts with track #8, Nocturnal Quest, is with the harpsichord, which I’ve always loved the sound it produces, still brings the chills. Much more pronounced with the notes, but yet still ringing with an eerie echo, it is able to create the sounds of yet another madman!

Both of these, combined on one release, really sound like one of those old monster movies that we’d stay up late to watch on TV. They feel nostalgic, creepy, and put me in a better mood.

2 thoughts on “Soundtrack Review: The Phantom of the Organ / Vampyre at the Harpsichord

  1. Cool review. This brings back memories of seeing this album first advertised in Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine in the 1970’s (nice to see it preserved on CD). The music was composed by Verne Langdon, a musician, makeup artist, and magician, best known for creating the “Zombie” mask, (also featured in FM magazine). I remember seeing the “Land of a Thousand Faces” make-up artist show (designed by Langdon) at Universal Studios Tour in California in 1975 (Two lucky people were chosen to be made-up by professional makeup craftsman, as the Frankenstein monster and Bride of Frankenstein in front of the audience during the show). Great memories!

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