Soundtrack Review: Undead

Released in 2005 by La-La Land Records
17 Tracks, with a total running time of 51:40 min.
Music composed by Cliff Bradley

While we usually prefer our soundtracks to be on the creepy side, but when the director’s wanted to have the score to have a quirky 50s sci-fi feel to it, composer Bradley nailed it. It sounds a little like something from an early Tim Burton / Danny Elfman film, but Bradley has given it his own style and flare and it works really well.

It is one of those scores that just by listening to a track or two, you can almost get the feeling of what is happening on screen. The second track, Welcome to Berkeley, gives you that feeling of riding through a small town. The whole score is a lot like that. My only complaint would be that we would have gotten a little more of the bluesy guitar riff in the Marion them, track 3, a few more times! Very cool.

While you won’t get a creepy sounding score here, I think it does have more than a few entertaining moments, that definitely fits well within the film itself.

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