Soundtrack Review: Who Can Kill a Child?

Who Could Kill a Child?
Released by Singular Soundtrack, 2010
54 tracks total, with a complete running time of 1:52:13.
Music composed, arranged, and conducted by Waldo de los Rios

While the film starts out with a child humming a little tune, followed by children’s laughter, it is only scary when you know what the rest of the film brings. That is exactly how the soundtrack plays out. There are a lot of tracks that start off like a child’s song, innocent sounding, only to start to be twisted into something with a strange or darker tone to it, such in tracks like The Desert Island, The Game, and Weird Games. There are a few tracks in the beginning that are in more of the romantic elements, like the tracks Night Talk (Love Theme) or To the Island.

Following along with the theme of the movie, a lot of the tracks are incidental pieces of music that seem to turn more ominous as the music plays out. There are a lot of short tracks that seem to be there to enhance what we’re seeing on screen, as opposed to a piece of melody or tune. But they all work very well into it, adding to the tension. There are a few tracks, like the game, that sound like there are two different pieces of music playing, a somewhat normal one but then with some darker repeating notes coming through over and over, almost like they are being overpowered. Very effective.

Composer Waldo de los Rios has created a very effective score, working with a very difficult subject matter, but does it really well. He brings the tension when needed, giving us little bits of a break, before hitting us with it again.

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