Prepare for Turkey Day 2021!!!

It is that time a year again, folks. Time to set aside those classic movies and dive right into the mud! We are just a few weeks away from our annual Turkey Day Marathon, which once again, we will be doing it online, like we have been for the last 2 years. It will take place on Friday, November 26th, at 10am sharp! We are scheduling at least 5 features, but maybe more if everyone is so inclined. I have 7 planned out, so we’ll have to see how the day goes. So, mark you calendar! I’ll be posting the link once we get a little closer but will also be having a trial run with a screening of 1 film on Saturday the 20th. Not sure exactly when but probably around noon. This will be just so everyone can try to get logged in and see how it all works, especially if you’ve never done this before, or (like me) you might have forgotten and want to make sure you don’t have any issues.

Just so everyone knows ahead of time, just like in the past, I will not be posting the titles I’ve chosen either. There might be hints, or even a photo, but you’ll just have to tune it to find out what is playing. But there will be a schedule of when the films will be starting.

A couple of things though … when you do log in, please say who you are just so everyone knows. With the way that program works, with most everyone getting their animal spirit name, it can make it a little confusing!

Now the bad news. Unless things don’t get any better with the pandemic, which I can ONLY hope they will, this will be the last online Turkey Day. I know a lot of you that are not local have really been enjoying it and I do appreciate you spending your day with the rest of us crazy film fanatics. I had originally thought that when the pandemic was over and we went back to the way we used to, I could still somehow manage to do an online version at the same time. The problem is that is then becomes work. And the whole point of these marathons is to have fun. And if I’m running two marathons at the same time, I will be too busy doing that instead of having time to sit and enjoy the movies.

BUT … this is where YOU come in. When I started these marathons, my goal was to be able to enjoy these films with other like-minded fans. At first, it was just me for a year or two before someone joined me. Then it was a couple more years before the next person started coming. Now, almost 20 years later, I don’t have the room for the amount of people that wish to attend. Once it started to grow a little bit, my long-term goal was that there would be multiple Turkey Day Marathons being held across the world!

While the online Turkey Day Marathons will stop after this year, I now put the call out for YOU to start your OWN Turkey Day Marathon. Even if it only starts with a friend or two, DO IT! Let’s get this going world-wide, with more and more of us each year paving the way for people to learn that a Turkey is not a “bad” movie, but one that can be enjoyable and definitely entertaining. If you’re looking for suggestions for movie titles, just head over to our Turkey Day Marathon reports that I’ve been posting for the last 19 years, and you’ll find plenty of titles to choose from.

And of course, when you do start your own, let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear the details.

But for now, keep your eyes on the site for the update with the links and any other details.

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