Double Dipping with The Vampire Lovers

Trust me, folks, I am probably not the happiest person when it comes to having to double dip on newer versions of the movies we love that keep coming out. New features, new 4K scan, and the rest of that stuff that tries to squeeze a little money from our wallets. Some titles are advertised with a bunch of new features but then you find out one of those “features” is a 4-minute interview. And don’t even get me started on this whole fascination with slip covers. Seriously … since when did a silly cardboard cover become more valuable than the actual movie?

With all that aside, when Shout Factory announced their new updated version of The Vampire Lovers, I quickly ordered it. I know. Pretty sad. But it all came down to that amazing 18×24 poster by Mark Maddox that was offered in the special deal. I have several prints from Maddox and just love his work, and with The Vampire Lovers being one of my favorites, I wasn’t going to pass up adding that poster to my collection. I believe I have all the posters that he did for Shout Factory that were offered. You have to figure that those prints are $25-$40 if you were to buy them at a show, so technically you’re getting the Blu-ray for free!

Nonetheless, there is quite a bit of new stuff on this latest release. It does come with a new 4K scan from the original negative, so hopefully it will look better than ever. It also has two commentary tracks on there, one new and two old ones, but I’m sure all worth hearing if you haven’t already. The new one is with film historians Steve Haberman and Constantine Nasr. The older ones are with director Roy Ward Baker, screenwriter Tudor Gates, and actress Ingrid Pitt, and then another one with film historians Marcus Hearn and Jonathan Rigby.

One thing that a lot were wondering about is if this print is the fully uncut version. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like it. But in the special features, it does include the shot of the beheading that takes place in the beginning of the film. Why they couldn’t add that in there, I’m not sure, but at least it is in the special features.

Here are the rest of the features, both old and new:


  • The Rapture of Cruelty: Carmilla in Classic Cinema – an audio essay read by actress Madeline Smith
  • To Love a Vampire – an Introduction by actress Madeline Smith
  • Carnal Crimson – Film historian/author Kim Newman on the Carmilla Legend
  • Fangs for the Memories – Film historian/author Jonathan Rigby remembers The Vampire Lovers


  • Feminine Fantastique – Resurrecting The Vampire Lovers
  • New Blood: Hammer Enters the 70s – film historians discuss
  • Hammer films during the 70s
  • Madeline Smith: Vampire Lover – an interview with actress Madeline Smith
  • Reading of Carmilla by actress Ingrid Pitt
  • Deleted Shot of the opening beheading
  • Trailers from Hell: Mick Garris on The Vampire Lovers
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Radio Spots
  • Photo Galleries – movie stills, behind-the-scenes stills, posters and lobby cards

Set to be unleashed upon the world a few days before Christmas, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holiday than sitting down to watch the lovely Ingrid Pitt bare her … uh, fangs. While this might have been made during the beginning of the end of Hammer, it still is an incredibly well made, and captivating film.

One thought on “Double Dipping with The Vampire Lovers

  1. It’s not just slip covers any longer. Not only do companies jump on the 4k bandwagon this whole steel book edition or limited edition thing has gotten out of hand. What makes it worse is that we’re in the midst of still recovering from the pandemic and watching inflation rise so the majority of collectors don’t have that kind of money. And when a steel book limited edition of a movie that almost went straight to video is released for $50 it makes it difficult for a fan to make the decision to purchase said title. How about offering that to those fans who want it that way and produce a standard blu-ray version for about half the price?

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