Return of the Monster . . . Bash!

This last weekend, we made our return to the Monster Bash Conference in Mars, PA. It was their first convention since 2 years ago and we were thrilled to be back. We started attending this show back in 2015 and quickly fell in love with it. This really is like no other show that we attend. Not that we don’t have fun at the others, but the Bash is so much different. From the free cake on Saturday night, the insanity of the prize toss, to all the films they screen over the 3 days of the event, it really is a true classic horror film fan’s dream.

It seems that conventions are getting more attended by more of the casual fan than really true die-hard fans. They are there to get some over-priced autographs, maybe a new Halloween t-shirt, and that’s about it. 20 years ago (yeah, I know. Old Man Kitley ranting again!), just about every fan that came through the door were avid fans, anxiously waiting to pounce on the dealers room to find some new treasures to add to their ever-growing collection of movie memorabilia. They were always searching out new films, or old ones that they hadn’t seen before. And the guests at these shows were there to meet and greet their fans, not customers. They were just thrilled you knew who they were as well as being truly grateful that you enjoyed their work. But it seems those types of conventions are disappearing.

Which is why Monster Bash is so much fun, because it is still holding onto that old school convention feel, with everyone coming through the door a true monster fan. While I’m still mad that it took so long to start going to Monster Bash, I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of them from now on.

While I kept my spending to a minimum, or tried at least, I did pick up a few nice additions to my collection, including a couple more lobby card sets and press books for some Paul Naschy films, such as Panic Beats. I also picked up a nice little French poster for Hammer’s The Devil Rides Out, and some items from Jean Rollin’s Living Dead Girl! You just never know what you’re going to find while perusing through the huge dealer room! Always a lot of fun looking for those lost treasures!

So a HUGE thanks to Ron Adams and the whole Monster Bash family to bust their butts every time to make the shows as fun as they are. And another HUGE thanks to all the fans that continue to come through the doors at the show. As a vendor, we just love talking to other like-minded monster fans. We had more than a few fun conversations over the weekend with different fans from all over the country. See you in June for the next one!

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