More Hammer Figures from Mego

Just when I was content with not getting into collecting a lot of these horror action figures or collectible figures, I hear about some of these Hammer figures that Mego is now putting out. These are all 8″ figures that pre-orders are being taken now. The two they announced last week were for The Gorgon and The Mummy. Which, while they were not bad looking and only priced at $20 each, it didn’t make me change my mind on having to collect them.

Here’s the deal, people. I love the fact that these things exists. As a kid, I would have been in hog heaven if these toys would have been available. And they are pretty cool to have in your collection. My problem is that there are just too many around and I would rather invest that money into other things, such as books, posters, or other of those types of collectibles. Trust me, my book want-list on Amazon grows more and more every month!

But then yesterday, I was informed they just released two different Hammer characters for pre-orders: one for The Phantom of the Opera and one of the zombies from Plague of the Zombies, which just happens to be one of my favorite Hammer films. So … yeah … I pre-ordered both of them. Still passed on the first two, but liked the way these two looked. Although, I will say that I’m disappointed that while there have been a few model kits and now this figure of one of the zombies from Plague, when are we going to see a figure of John Carson’s character of the zombie leader?!?!? I’ve always thought that mask was very striking and memorable. Who knows. Maybe that’s next.

4 thoughts on “More Hammer Figures from Mego

  1. Another fun episode. And with a great topic. Too many people ignore the old black and white movies and its what I grew up on. I would like to suggest than when you guys finish covering your 3 movies; you do a quick round-robin and just drop same names of other great movies that meet the topic. that way if I have already seen all of your highlighted movies, I still have some ideas for movies to check out. just a thought.

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