What’s YOUR Halloween Season Favorite?

I know as horror fans we watch these films all year round. But there is something about October that we seem not only double our efforts when it comes to scary screenings, but I know there are a few titles that we all have that we bust out each and ever October. Could be a childhood favorite? One that really hit home with us around holiday? Or one that just fits the mood of Halloween and is something you need to watch at least once a year.

For me, there are a few. A childhood favorite that still makes me smile and feel like a kid again is Mad Monster Party? (1967). This is one that I would always be searching the TV guide for to get to see it once again. Sure, it’s silly, but as a kid, giving me a whole island full of the classic monsters was always a good time. Besides, when you have Boris Karloff lending his voice and likeness, how could you not love this?

Another one is Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968). Even now, after as many times as I’ve seen it, I still think this is highly effective and damn creepy. The music, the shots of the zombies slowly moving across the fields, and even the black and white gore, still packs a punch.

So what say yee? What are some of your favorite titles for this time of year? We want to hear! Who knows. Maybe you’ll spark the idea in someone else’s head that maybe they need to watch that title as well! Just post your answers below in the comments and let the conversations begin!

10 thoughts on “What’s YOUR Halloween Season Favorite?

  1. Some of my traditional Halloween movies over the years have included Bride of Frankenstein, House of Wax, The Exorcist, The Innocents, and Night of the Living Dead

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    • Great picks there, Todd. Though I would always go with the original Frankenstein over the Bride. Then again, I’ve got a vacation coming up and I’ve been thinking of going through all of the Universal Frankenstein films.

      And I just freaking LOVE The Innocents!


  2. Trick or Treat has become required Hallow’s Eve viewing in our our household! John Carpenter’s Halloween is background for decorating and kicking off the season. My anniversary and birthday are also in October so of course I have appropriately-themed movies for those days (Bride of Frankenstein and Bloody Birthday or Happy Birthday to Me, but Happy Death Day might join in as another potential). I should find a go-to Thanksgiving-themed movie for the month, but turkeys and good movies don’t really go together, amirite?

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    • I had actually forgot about Trick ‘r Treat. That also has become a tradition here in the Krypt. That is a favorite of my wife’s and it never ceases to entertain.

      And remember, if the movie is entertaining, then it can’t be a bad movie!


    • That is one I need to revisit. Hated Salem’s Lot the first time I watched it, which was literally the day after I finished reading the novel, so I was comparing WAY too much. But once I got off that high horse and watched it again, damn if that isn’t a great movie. Great characters and so much fun. Yeah…need to put that in the lineup this month.


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