More Books for Your Library

Since I’m always on a quest to add more titles to my ever-growing library of non-fiction titles on the horror genre, I’ve recently come across a few more that I wanted to let everyone know about. Most of these haven’t been released yet, or even listed on the publisher’s website just yet. But I figure the quicker I put them on your radar, you’ll look for them.

The first one is entitled Dead or Alive: British Horror Films 1980-1989, edited by Darrell Buxton. This one has been published by Midnight Marquee and you can order it either through Amazon or their site, though they don’t it listed just yet.

The next one has only been announced by the author, Bryan Senn, and that it is coming from BearManor Media, called Here There Be Monsters, which is a collection of interviews and essays on “Classics (And Not So Classic) Horror Cinema”. Coming from Senn, I’m sure it will be well worth the read!

Then we have two interesting titles coming from McFarland Books. No real information about them other than the titles, authors, and the book cover. But the first one, Italian Giallo in Film and Television: A Critical History is by Roberto Curti, and I would recommend it just by his name alone! I’ve read a few of Curti’s books and they are well researched, and packed full of great information.

The other title is Horror on the Stage by Amnon Kabatchnik, which has me intrigued more than anything. I’ve tried to see different horror stage plays over the years, seeing versions of Dracula, The Haunting of Hill House, and a few different takes on Frankenstein, so I’m always curious to see what has been done over the years.

No matter which title you might be interested in, keep supporting these authors and publishers to help keep the spirit of reading alive and well.

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