Monsters, Makeup & Effects!

With a heading like that, I knew it would get you in here! Back in November of 2018, author Heather Wixson published her book Monster Squad: Celebrating the Artists Behind Cinema’s Most Memorable Creatures, which featured interviews with 20 different makeup and special effects people in the industry. You can read our review of it HERE, but now she is back with a new book, covering more artists, creators, and technicians that have help entertain us over the years.

The new book is called Monsters, Makeup & Effects: Conversations with Cinema’s Greatest Artists – Vol. 1 is a “celebration of the creative spirit and artistic endeavors of those who have worked tirelessly for decades to create the memorable monsters, creatures and onscreen personas that have terrified us, made us laugh and filled us with a sense of wonder.” Published by Dark Ink, this 500 page book runs only $25.99 on Amazon, but they will be having a special book signing and Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA, that you can either attend, or order your copy to be shipped to you. They have both hardcovers ($30) and softcover ($19.99) versions available. They haven’t listed any other guests besides Wixson to be there, but I have a feeling they will be adding a few more names that were covered in the book. I got my copy of Monster Squad this way, so it is well worth the extra month. Plus it supports a great independent book store at the same time!

Anyway, back to the book! In this volume, we’ll get to hear from names like Howard Berger, Screaming Mad George, Thomas Burman, Wayne Toth, Doug Drexler, Everett Burrell, and so many more. Hearing their first hand stories of the industry is not only a great way to learn way more than what we see onscreen, but also gives credit to these hard-working and extremely talented individuals that go above and beyond to help bring these wild creatures to life.

No matter how you acquire your copy or which version, this is one of those key steps in helping you learn more about the films we love and a little more insight into their creation, which in turn will help you appreciate and understand them more. I know I’ve already got my copy on order and will be reviewing it once I dive into it!

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