Sideshow Hammer Figures

I have quite a few famous horror figures in my collection that I’ve picked up over the years. Some are model kits, many of which I actually painted myself. Others are statues I’ve purchased that came painted already. Granted some of these were a bit pricy, but never more than a 2-3 hundred at the most. Granted, the full size bust of the poster zombie from Zombie or Dr. Hill’s decapitated head in a pan were a bit higher than that, but for a figure, I try to shy away from the real expensive stuff, mainly because I personally just can’t invest that much money into something like that.

But now Sideshow Toys has announced a couple figures that are $530 EACH and I’m trying to convince my brain that I DO need to invest in these!

Set to come out March of next year, Sideshow has a 1/4 scale figures of Christopher Lee as Dracula and Peter Cushing as Van Helsing that are just amazing. Both standing just under 2 feet tall, with tailored clothes and all, Van Helsing armed with a crucifix and stake and hammer, while Lee is parting his cape, showing the ring on his finger, and bloody fangs bared.

I know there is no way I’ll be getting these because I just can’t drop a grand on two figures, no matter how cool they are. Other priorities in life, you know? Like, that could get me a lot of books for my library, that would get a lot more use out of. But again, not judging here, because if I did have the extra money, they would be in the collection.

For more information, head over to Sideshow Toys HERE.

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