Turkey Day in May Details!

Below is the schedule for this year’s Turkey Day In May. We will have trailers playing starting at 9am so you have time to log in and make sure you can see and hear everything. The first movie will start at 10am and we’ll go from there. There should be a little break in between each feature.

We will be using Kosmi once again for the streaming. For our Turkey Day Watch Party, either click HERE or go to: https://app.kosmi.io/room/draqzn

Turkey Day in May Schedule

9am – Trailers

10am – Feature # 1 – A classic updated (for it’s time) monster tale

11:30am – Feature # 2 – Rarely seen (for a reason) old dark house flick

1:15pm – Feature # 3 – Larry Buchanan – Need I say more?

3pm – Feature # 4 – Fred Olen Ray – Need I say more?

4:45pm – Feature #5 – A jump to Italy for another cursed house

6:30pm – Feature # 6 – One from Hollywood with a $75 million budget!

Hope to see everyone there!

6 thoughts on “Turkey Day in May Details!

  1. I had a fantastic time being a part of this years Turkey Day!!! I have always loved Sci Fi Theatre 3000, and this was it for me. Such a killer crowd, and some campy hidden gems. Thanks, and BRAVO!!!!


  2. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this campy fest. I felt like I was in “Sci Fi Theatre 3000”, love it…So many killer folks, so many hidden gems, and some so not..lol

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