Suspiria at the Music Box!!!

This is a little short notice, but it was recently announced that Dario Argento’s immortal Suspiria (1977) will be screening at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre this weekend and next week. If you haven’t seen this film in the theater, then you haven’t really seen it. Seriously. This will be screened from a DCP format, which I’m guessing is the print from the Synapse recent Blu-Ray, so it is simply amazing.

Here are the dates:
Friday, May 28th at 9:30pm
Sunday, May 30th at 9pm
Wednesday, June 2nd at 9pm

If you can make it, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Between the brilliant colors to the mind-altering soundscape, it is really like is like no other film.

2 thoughts on “Suspiria at the Music Box!!!

  1. Last night enjoyed the movie at the “Box”. I always wanted to see it on a big screen. But, I missed the sound of a creepy projector. Too bad film and projectors are rare. Cheers!!!


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