Soundtrack Review: The Dead

The Dead (2010)
Released by Howlin’ Wolf Records
31 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 64:44 min.
Music Composed by Imran Ahmad

We all know that within the zombie sub-genre, it’s hard to do something different. But in 2010, the Ford Brothers did just that with their tale of the undead, setting it in the desert lands of Africa. It was highly effective, and so well done. The same goes for the music, with composer Ahmad taking a different route, both in sound and design, but still delivering a powerful and emotional score.

Right from the first track, The Dead Theme, we hear this haunting vocals over a string instrument, some drums, and some kind of flute, all that work together to give us a start that makes quite the lasting impact, which continues through the rest of the score. The use of percussions throughout the score does a great job building the tension with the rapid beating, or even suspense when it slows down both in speed and volume, to almost like a heartbeat.

There are also tracks that isn’t music as much as sound, such as the way track 5, Plane Crash, starts off with almost like a wailing noise combined with a scream, before some percussions kick in for a bit. It’s very unique, very different, but definitely hits you. Then going to the other side of the spectrum, the next track, The Beach, starts with what sounds like a harp, beautiful and peaceful, making you feel you’ve gone into something peaceful. Except that quickly changes with the upbeat drums, combining with screams seeming in the distance. Very effective. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know why.

Throughout the score, the one emotion that seems to be constant is that of sadness. There are parts that are somewhat peaceful or serene, like on track #20 Dream, but overall you just feel this sense of darkness coming over you. Track 26, The Baby, is a perfect example of this. From the percussions in the background, to the vocals that almost sound like moaning, to what sounds like long breaths, it still just emits a sense of lost and sadness. It’s kind of ironic that throughout the movie, they speak of hope, even having 3 different tracks on the score entitled Hope.

I think it is one of the most original scores for a zombie film that I can recall and it really has a lasting impact on the listener. For more information about release, head over to Howling’ Wolf Records by clicking HERE.

One thought on “Soundtrack Review: The Dead

  1. I did see this movie and the second as well. I discovered it last year. I thought it was made well, the story takes place in a whole new cultural experience with zombies. I enjoyed both. I love all things ZOMBIES…

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