Friday Favorites: Underrated Sci-Fi / Horror

Yes, the Science Fiction genre has films that, while are horror, breaches into some strange themes and ideas, that could put them in what most would call the Sci-Fi sub-genre, though that is an argument for the after-hours conversations at the conventions when they start back up! But we have the mad scientists, ones that deal with time travel, biology gone wrong, and a whole mess of other things, but the intent is still to scare you. And like any sub-sub-genre, we all know that there are plenty of titles that amazes us that not more people know and talk about. And that is what we’re looking for here.

For some of my examples, I’ll give you two that just blew me away and always try to recommend to people. The first one, is Subject Two (2006) about a doctor who has invented a way to bring the dead back to life. Over, and over, and over again. A very small cast, but a great idea and really well played out. Another one, Coherence (2003) is one of my all time favorites, because not only again is it highly original but just played out so well that you just never know what is going to happen. If you do decide to check that one out, don’t read anything about it before watching it. You want to go into it completely fresh.

So … what about you? What horror film that ventures into sci-fi territory that you feel is highly underrated and needs more attention. You now have the microphone!

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Underrated Sci-Fi / Horror

  1. Two Underrated Sci-fi films I have admired over the last few years are The Endless (2018) and Ex Machina (2015). Both of these films most definitely dealt with strange themes and concepts of horror when the characters delved in dark practices best left alone….

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  2. Not sure if this counts but Under The Skin from 2013. Really enjoyed this downer of a movie. Never hear anyone mention it in conversations. The other would be They Came From Within/Shivers. Might be more popular that I think but when Cronenberg is mentioned this one usually doesn’t get brought up. Besides Videodrome I think it’s his best film.

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  3. Subject Two is excellent!!!! Really enjoyed Ex Machina and Under the Skin as well!! I still need to check out Coherence and Endless but they’re on my list. When it comes to underrated Cronenberg, eXistenZ is the first one that comes to my mind! Love that one!
    My pick for underrated sci-fi/horror is Pandorum (2009). Never see anyone talk about it and that’s a damn shame!

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    • Not sure if you have Amazon Prime, but Coherence is on there. Can’t recommend that one enough. And then afterwards, do a little research into how they actually made it. It will blow your mind even more.

      I do like eXistenZ, but do feel that it is a little bit of a retread of Videodrome. Not a criticism, because I think he took the theme into a little bit different direction, but the whole “what is real, what isn’t” was similar. But still a good one. Great score too!

      I think I’ve seen Pandorum, but for the life of me can’t recall anything about it.


    • Glad to hear that, Nick, and even more that you enjoyed it. Did you look into how they actually made it? Just amazing, showing how talented of a cast and crew they had.


      • The making of it was a stroke of genius and never could have been pulled off with out the talent they had available! It is a film I can’t recommend enough.



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