Friday Favorites – Underrated Zombies!

Yes, Friday Favorites is back from the grave! Once again! I keep trying to make this a regular feature but life just seems to keep getting in the way. Or I’m just not planning far enough ahead! Either way, it will be back for this month at least, especially because we’re going to do something a little different for April here.

For each of the Friday Favorite themes this month, we’re going to be looking for not your Favorite per say, but one that you think is drastically underrated. Meaning you think it is a great film but not too many people seem to know about it, or it isn’t one that is usually brought up in conversations about that particular sub-genre. For example, this week’s topic is zombie movies. Now we all know there are hundreds of these living dead flicks wandering about, and we all know about Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, Fulci’s Zombie, or even Peter Jackson’s Braindead. But I know we all know a few of these titles that were really enjoyable but yet never seem to come up when this topic is discussed or examined.

Just to get it started, I’ll give you two that I think have been almost forgotten (even though both came up in a conversation yesterday!). The first one came from Australia and has in the very same feel of Jackson’s Braindead. It is simple called Undead (2003), the first feature film from the Spierig Brothers. It’s funny, gory, and a gives us a way different take on the sub-genre. The second one is a UK production but filmed in West Africa and is The Dead (2010). This is a perfect example of doing nothing really different in the sub-genre, but just doing it really well.

Now, we’re talking zombie movies, so it can range from the living dead, flesh-eaters, or from some ancient voodoo rites. If it is a zombie, then you’re good to go. I want to open it up wide enough to give everyone a chance to throw in a good title.

So let’s here a zombie title from you on one that you think needs more attention. You never know, there are maybe a few of us that the title you bring us had slipped by us completely, or one that we remembered hearing about, but just never got around to it. Now it can be back on our radar to seek out.

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Underrated Zombies!

  1. I LOVED The Dead! The sequel was pretty solid as well! I thought that Undead was just ok. Maybe I need to revisit that one and see of my opinion would change.

    One that I don’t hear talked about much but I really enjoyed was The Battery.

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  2. I will suggest two underrated favorite zombie films: “Vengeance of the Zombies” (1972) directed by Leon Klimovsky and starring Paul Naschy, and “Doctor Butcher, MD” aka: “Zombie Holocaust” (1980). Both of these films offer up a heaping helping of zombie mayhem and gore!

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    • Anybody that suggests a Naschy movie is going to get my approval! Perfect choice too, Todd, but that is one that most people would not think of when we’re talking zombie films.

      As for Doctor Butcher, I LOVE half of that movie, and really don’t like other half, but that is just me. The cannibal stuff is just too much for my personal… uh… taste. But the mad doctor parts, especially with Donald O’Brien are just great.


  3. One I really like that no one ever talks about is Deathdream from Bob Clark. Outside of some con friends no one seems to know it. Might be a little slow moving for some but I like it. Also Shock Waves and Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things done get enough love in my opinion.

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  4. I didnt catch this because I thought Friday favorites was dead and gone. But now it has risen from the dead like…
    I don’t know. Something that rises from the dead. Can’t think of anything that does at the moment.

    I really love Deathdream as well. Not sure how that one gets overlooked so much. I am also a big fan of the Blind dead series. A very unique type of zombie with a really neat mystical quality about them.

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    • Yeah, sorry about this disappearing for a while. But we should be good for this month because I already have them planned out. After that… well we’ll see.

      Good point about the Blind Dead since most wouldn’t think of them when we’re talking zombies, but they definitely are the living dead.


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