Kryptic Army Mission: April 2021 – Evil Kids!

Deviant little children, whether being possessed by demonic forces, or just born bad, they have been a part of horror cinema for a very long time. One of the earliest, if not the first, was little Patty McCormick in The Bad Seed (1956), that was based on the successful stage play of the same name. McCormick did so well that she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as the evil little Rhoda Penmark. But these evil little offspring didn’t stop there. We had alien invasions in Village of the Damned (1960) to all sorts of nasty tikes in the ’70s, most notable little Damien Thorne in The Omen (1976).

A good friend of ours, Vanessa Morgan, is working on another book that she’s editing that deals with this exact same theme, so thanks to a suggestion of another friend and fellow soldier, Gert Veerbeeck, we’re going use this theme for this month’s mission!

You will need to find and watch 2 horror films that you have not seen before that deals with evil children or child. It could be from an outside force, demonic or extra-terrestrial, or it could just be due to a mental illness, but it must be in the form of a child. Not really going to lay down any rules as to the age of them, but the younger the better. Don’t want to get into a squabble match over an older teenager that could be an adult. You have until 11:59pm on April 30th to complete your mission, and then report back here with your debriefing.

Are you up to it? Can you handle a couple of films with these little devils? Either way, we hope to see you make it through relatively unscathed. Good Luck.

7 thoughts on “Kryptic Army Mission: April 2021 – Evil Kids!

  1. It never ceases to amaze me, that after a long lifetime of watching fantastic films, that there are still a large number of films that I have not seen. At this point, I would like to recommend to everyone who hasn’t viewed The Children (1980) or The Child (1977) to check them out. They are two terrific examples of “evil children” films. Now on to my mission report…


    Holy sweet Mother of Pearl! This is, without a doubt, the movie you NEED to see. For various reasons, I have avoided this film for years. What an absolute knucklehead I’ve been. It’s been a long time since I’ve been affected so much by watching any movie. This movie packs a gut punch in it’s last half hour that will scar you for a long time. Don’t avoid this movie like I did.

    A British couple are vacationing in Spain. Their first stop is crowed and noisy. They head for an island off the coast that the husband has visited before. But here they find too much quiet and solitude. They encounter some kids when they dock, but in town there is not an adult to be found. The mystery only deepens, and gets more sinister as they go along. I don’t want to say much more as you need to go into this without knowing too much, for maximum effect. It is creepy. It is disturbing. It is possibly the best “evil kids” movie I have seen. Think of ‘The Birds’, but with children.

    Highest recommendation!


    A woman gets a job as a nanny to Baby Junjun. But there a many strange rules that she must follow which seem unconventional. As strange things start to happen with uncomfortable regularity, we find out that the doctor she is working for is not really a doctor, having failed to pass the exams more than once. He has set up out in the country primarily as an abortion doctor. His wife assists as his nurse. After wading through all the backstory, we eventually find out that Baby Junjun is not human, and is actually a monster; an Impakto.

    Lots of fun set pieces in this movie. My favorite is the Doctor being attacked by the fetuses of aborted babies that he has dumped in the forest. It is an absolute jawdropper. There is much to love in this movie, and I definitely suggest that you find a copy and give it a view. You will definitely not be sorry

    Bonus Movie!


    Divorced mother of 3, moves back to Australia to start life over again. She buys a house with an evil past. And a Cubbyhouse (what we in the USA would call a playhouse). Demonic rituals and the sacrifice of children happened there 30 years earlier. The cubbyhouse is possessed by an evil being that wants the sacrifice of the youngest two children. It falls to the oldest son and the girl next door to defeated the evil and save the children from a fate worse than death.

    This turns out to be only marginally an “evil kid” film. The children are possessed by the demonic evil, but they don’t really do anything evil, other than try to invoke the demon of the cubbyhouse. Still, it’s a fun movie overall, and one I didn’t feel was a waste of my time.

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    • Hey Bob…glad you were able to knock off Who Can Kill a Child off your list (okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said “knock off”). I do agree that it is a tough film, especially that opening montage of footage. But it so well done and very unforgettable.

      As for Impakto, I never thought I would ever read this description of a movie before: “attacked by the fetuses of aborted babies that he has dumped in the forest.” And of course, now I think I need to see this one!

      I’ll have to look into Hellion as well. Thanks for the report!


  2. Believe it or not, last month I couldn’t find any asylum movies. Not one. But this time I have a whole pile that claim to be about evil children, so that’s nice.

    #1. It’s Alive (2009). All I can say is that I hope Larry Cohen got a nice check for this. No attached names worthy of note. IMDb gives this somewhere around 3.5 and that’s really about as high as I would go, too. The story is vaguely like the original… A deformed, murderous baby. But there’s no heart… It just moves along without any attempt to make audiences engaged. The effects are nothing special and the social commentary is non-existent. Cohen’s film works on at least two levels… A monster film, and a thought provoking piece on abortion, pollution, birth defects, unconditional love… This version has maybe the former, but only in a very flat facsimile sort of way. Not recommended.

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  3. #2. The Other (1972). I had not heard of this one before, which is always unusual and pleasant for an older title. It does show some signs of age, and I guess the writer doesn’t like it, but I found it an interesting blend of psychology and the paranormal. I’m not quite sure why it is set in 1935, but that neither helps not hurts it. The horror aspects are minor, but there’s a definite body count and some evil children (well, kind of. No spoilers). Reminded me a lot of The Good Son, although the similarities are only superficial. Knowing the twist now I would gladly give it a rewatch!

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  4. I remember seeking this one out for years before it was available on VHS and immediately watching it when it did finally come out. It has been a long time since I’ve watched it but remember it having a particular solid and powerful stomach punch in the story. Need to revisit but I remember it being pretty damn good.


  5. #3. Case 39. This one was frustrating. I went in with low expectations, but was hopeful that star power would save it. Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper? I mean, at this point in their career, they wouldn’t be in a dud, right? And there are moments I thought this could have been great. It held my attention really well. But something is just… Off. The big names are kind of phoning it in (especially Cooper). And the child isn’t believable. I suppose it’s in character for her to be a bit unusual, but I think this is just bad acting disguised as awkwardness. There’s a great movie in here but ultimately it’s just… Slightly better than average. Ugh. So frustrating. But if you’re into Omen knockoffs, I guess there’s been worse.


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